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Humor and a Thankful Heart


Some days it’s hard to live with a thankful heart.

Some days you just want to crawl under the covers and stay there…although then I want someone who can bring me coffee and chocolate and as the day turns to night…a glass of wine.  And maybe a good Janet Evanovich book…oh wait…now I’m starting to feel better!

Looking at life with humor.

It’s a bit of a motto for me.

Life sometimes deals you with hard blows.

Life sometimes deals you with a lot of little blows that add up until you have a moment (or day or two) of feeling like…what the heck God?  How strong do you think I am?  (In reference to the saying, God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.)

I’m having my moment(s) now and if the above saying is true then God must think I’m a major contender in the weight lifting championship of the world.  Yeah, well, not only do my muscles look nothing like those people…but you won’t catch this chick in one of those skimpy little bikinis!

Yes, we must look at life with humor.  Call it a stress reliever, a coping mechanism, whatever you’d like, but it works for me.  And obviously my family too.

A great example was when my Dad and I met with the Neurologist as he was being diagnosed with Alzheimers and the Dr. asked if he was having any pain…and Dad pointed to me and said yes.  An excellent time for a laugh.

Do we laugh or cry in the face of adversity?  Sometimes both.  And that’s ok.

Sometimes we (like I said above) just need to take some time to cry and then we can make a plan, move on and deal.

And find our thankful heart again.

And refocus on the beauty around us, the beauty in others, and find something to laugh about – even if it’s the dumbest, silliest little thing…and then we can thank God for that moment.  Even if your current circumstances are challenging.

Have faith, pray for peace in your heart, and be thankful.

I do, and I am.

Yours in Christ,

Patty O

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  1. Oh yes we do, we do have to laugh! We aren’t given more than we can cope with, and we are all blessed with at least one little thing every single day that makes us giggle.
    I’m so glad I get to read you every day Patty, you and I see the world in such a similar way. I think I’m going to have one of those bed and book days today, hold the choccies, coffee and wine tho!


    February 12, 2013
    • I’m so glad you were able to have a bed and book day today! I’m going to have to lay low today, obviously should have today but it just didn’t turn out that way! Hope you feel better!


      February 12, 2013
  2. Jan #

    You have a wonderful sense of humor! As you find answers … You will find your way.


    February 12, 2013
    • Thanks so much Jan…you are a rock, or should I say “You Rock!”


      February 13, 2013
  3. Thanks so much Jan…you are a rock! Or should I say “You Rock”!


    February 13, 2013

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