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Our Microwave Has a Cell Phone

No, we don’t have a new-fangled microwave that actually lets you talk to someone via phone.  But our microwave’s cell phone has become quite the joke in our house.

It all started with one very stubborn husband who refused to carry HIS cell phone with him!  Well, actually, this phone used to be the house phone.  You see we replaced our land line with an extra cell phone, just in case someone (namely Tim or our youngest) were home alone and needed to get in contact with someone, or vice versa.

But then Gabi grew up, as children do…and she started playing high school sports.  Late games meant late phone calls for late car rides home.  And so, she got her own phone.

This, of course, meant the only person without one in this family of 5 was my dear, loving, stubborn husband.

Now mind you, I do understand that he talks all day to his students and he’s on the phone quite a bit when he’s doing his Athletic Director job. (Some of those phone calls are not the most pleasant.  Him being the rule enforcer that he has to be…rules made by the School Board and the State High School Leaque.  A few people aren’t happy with these rules and of course he being the messenger, gets to enjoy all the complaints.)

So, again, I do understand why it’s not always a bad thing to be phoneless.


There are times I wish I could get ahold of him without having to track him down through someone else or a few someone elses!

But alas, he keeps fighting it.

And so, ‘his’ phone stays on top of the microwave.

Last night it got SO ridiculous that when his phone rang, he asked Gabi to answer the microwave phone!

One more call on his phone last night and we all yelled “The microwave is ringing!”

By this time we were all laughing.  OK, I was shaking my head, rolling my eyes and laughing.

Someday my husband will carry HIS phone.


It may be years from now, when everyone else has switched over to some new phone replacing invention…

In the meantime, our  microwave has a cell phone.

Patty O


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  1. So funny! I love it! :)


    March 25, 2014

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