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Children are Such Blessings

I wrote this blog last fall, before I even had a blog but was contemplating starting one.

I thought about it today as I saw some wonderful little ones at Saturday morning basketball and realized it is our last year in the elementary program.  My baby, Gabi, moves up to 7th grade next year!

Children are such blessings…enjoy every moment with them and show them just how special they are!

Read on and enjoy…

My heart is all warm and gushy (yes I said gushy) this morning as I sit here in bed, typing away at 4:37 am.

Lying next to me is my favorite little 2 year old in the world.  She’s not my daughter, nor my granddaughter or even a niece.  She’s my little daycare girl who got to stay for a sleepover last night!

You see, I haven’t been able to watch my little ones (I do lay a little claim to them since they’re so near and dear to my heart), because I’ve been laid up with back issues.

Their Mom has graciously brought them over about once a week so I can continue to get my baby fix, however yesterday morning we decided we needed a genuine Elena fix.

Jen (Mom) had called us the night before because Elena wanted to talk to me and after being shy, a little bouncing around, and then some sadness, we realized she misses us as much as we miss her.

So, at about 7 am yesterday morning I hatched the plan!  A quick text and she was ours for the night!

Between my husband (a tall and normally very reserved man), my 12 year old daughter Gabi, and I – we were all grins when she got here!

And then there were the oldest daughters of mine….the 22 year old whined…I MISS HER!!!  The 18 year old berated me on Facebook for being the meanest Mom ever for doing this when she couldn’t be here (although she did get some wonderful Skype time in – and logged off feeling her Elena fix fulfilled)!

What makes this little girl so special?

Well, you see we’ve watched her since she was 3 months old!  And she’s funny, and she’s adorable, and sometimes a little obstinate.

And then there’s that twinkle in her eye.

And she calls Alex (Ayex) and has named one of her dolls after her.  And Sam, and Gabi, and then there’s Tim (Nim)…the man she can make into a pile of smiles and giggles and who plays on the floor with her.  And then I’m her Pappy, and we snuggle.

There’s nothing like those little person snuggles.

Oh yes, well…we do lots of other fun things too….I’m one of THOSE daycare ladies…

We march around the couch to the record playing John Phillip Sousa marches – all the while crashing our cymbals, blowing our harmonicas, ringing the bells.  And yes, even our chocolate lab Hershey gets into the action marching right along behind us.

It’s quite a sight, and sound for that matter!

We color, play, and do all those things that I was too busy with everyday life to do when my girls were younger.

It’s a sad statement I know…but don’t get me wrong…we had lots of fun when my girls were little too.

But you really appreciate these moments when you yourself get older…all of a sudden those dishes aren’t so important.

Just how many times did someone tell me to enjoy my children when they were little?  Numerous, no doubt.

Well ladies, Moms to be, Moms who are, Moms who hope to be….seriously…

Take all the time you can with your little ones.

The joy that will shine through their faces at being able to spend time with you will make everything else in the world dim by comparison.

Enjoy and bask in the blessing of their light.

Babies are God’s most precious gift.

Smile at every one you see and compliment the Momma and Daddy.

They’re so proud as they start on their journey.

And whisper a blessing for them.  (They do have teenage years ahead after all.  😉 )

Patty O

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  1. Jan #

    The times goes all to fast!


    February 10, 2013

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