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It was me or the dog…

Not in the “tell your husband he has to choose between” way…

It’s more like which one will he get stuck with.

I’ve been sleeping on the couch since my surgery as it really is more comfortable being propped up on pillows.

That was until 2 nights ago.

Have I mentioned how much I love our chocolate lab Hershey?

Yes, well…

In case I’ve been remiss…

I love him dearly.

He has slept inside the house, either on his bed, or “his” chair…or in my spot on the couch, since he was hit by a car about 6 years ago.

He’s my buddy, my sweet dog, my little old man at 13 years old (about 91 in human years).

Do you know what 91 year old little old men do?

I’ll be honest, I don’t know either.

But I do know what this 13 year old dog does…

He sleeps all day (when the babies aren’t here)…

And then at night…

There’s snorting, and hocking, and coughing and gagging…

and that’s all before midnight.

The first few nights I was well medicated so I didn’t even notice.

Now that I’m weaning off the pain meds…


I “woke up” yesterday and told Tim…”That’s it!”

It’s either me or the dog!

I’ll try to sleep in our bed, but if I can’t then I’m locking Hershey in the bedroom with you!



All together now………

my poor husband.

I really didn’t say it bitchy-like.

In fact as it came out of my mouth, I think there may have been a little curl to my lip.  Hmmmm….maybe bitchy would have been better.

That little dark side of me had peeked out as I envisioned me closing the door on the two of them in our bedroom so that I could get a good nights sleep on the couch.

I’m not sure which would be looking at me with more woeful eyes….Hahahaha.

Hershey doesn’t like to be locked up – he also wanders the house sometimes…tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…the nails on the hardwood floors.  He’s such a worrier.

I snickered to myself as I thought of him driving Tim crazy trying to get out of the bedroom.  Tick, tick, tick, bonk.  (The bonk is his head hitting the door as he tries to push it open with his head).

Yup…there’s obviously a little dark side to my humor.

Like I said, though…Hershey is a sweetheart.  Yesterday he sat outside the bathroom door while I showered.  I didn’t hear him move until I came out of the shower.  My sweet little old man.

And I know I’ve told you before about how he makes sure we’re all tucked in at night.


I laughed last night as I headed for bed and I heard a few tick, ticks in the living room.

I looked back and sure enough…

Hershey was in my spot on the couch.

I love that sweet little old man (dog).

And by the way,

The bed worked out just fine.

Which is great…

since I know Tim would much rather snuggle with me than Hershey anyway.


Have a good day!

Patty O


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  1. What a sweet dog. 🙂


    April 10, 2013
  2. Samantha Corbett #

    I love him 🙂


    April 10, 2013
  3. Oh Patty, how I relate to this story! We have a “baby” compared to Hershey. She’s not yet 2 but she already follows me around the house like she might just miss something REALLY important if she’s not right there under my feet!
    At night she will sleep outside our bedroom door and if I’m in the shower, she waits right outside the door for me. She bumps doors with her head trying to open them too! Sometimes she “disappears” in the middle of the night, and guess what? There’s an extra doggie shaped lump under 7’s doona!!


    April 10, 2013
    • That’s too funny Meg! I sure love our four legged friends!


      April 10, 2013
  4. Ahhh – the fur babies! Hershey is such a sweetheart. Glad you both are back in your own beds! 😉


    April 20, 2013
    • I think Tim’s really glad it was me too! 🙂


      April 20, 2013

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