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I Get to Meet Louis Today!!!

OK…so I’m still trying to figure out this Blog thing…I had this scheduled to post yesterday.  Needless to say it didn’t.  Hrmph.

Anyway….here it is!


Yes, that is worth THREE exclamation points!

For those of you that missed the post….Louis is my new grandpuppy!  (You can find it here:  I Have a Grandpuppy!)

He is an English Bulldog and he’s 3 1/2 months old!


And of course, my daughter and her boyfriend are wonderful new parents owners of Mr. Louis…

Taking him for a walk…ok, 3/4’s of a block – after which he sacked out on the floor, sound asleep!

And buying him a wading pool so he doesn’t overheat…Alex’s facebook post says: ‘ Bulldogs love pools they said. Not afraid of the water they said.’ (Obviously he doesn’t care for it.)

Alex trying to coax Louis into the kiddie pool!

Alex trying to coax Louis into the kiddie pool!

Here I thought they were just being silly when Alex said that they’d purchased him a kiddie pool…I was instantly corrected.  “Mom, everyone with a bulldog gets a kiddie pool – otherwise they overheat!”

Ok, fine…but don’t call me silly when I talk about my grandpuppy!  🙂

I’ll let you know how my weekend with Louis (and Alex and Tom) goes…

Sounds like a great post “My Weekend With Louis”.

Watch for it next week!

Patty O

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