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I Now Understand Why Some Animals Eat Their Young

I have 3 daughters.  Need I say more?

They all have birthdays this Fall, which means they’ll be 24, 20 and…Bohm, Bohm, Bohmmmmmm…13.


This almost 13-year-old came home from a fun-filled day yesterday, completely wiped out-tired, and the attitude began.  Easy fix…off to bed.

This morning the attitude continued, taking on her Dad until Mom calmed the waves.  Off to work for Dad, breakfast for her, and then off to the strengthening part of her Cross Country running practice.  She’s unable to run now as she has Achilles Tendonitis, which of course doesn’t help the attitude much.

This Mom hit her ‘Bill Cosby’s wife moment of sirens and red lights coming out of her head” when Child 3 got home, and the dog had an accident in the house…neither of which was the cause of the blast.  It was when she decided to stand there and say, with attitude:  “Well, since YOU’RE not getting up to clean it up, I will.”


Motzy had peed on a blanket on the floor.  It wasn’t going anywhere.  And I just needed to finish typing two sentences.


Child 2 quick took Motzy outside while Child 3 disappeared and I cleaned up the mess.

This…this epiphany of a moment, was when I realized that I now understand why some animals eat their young.

I stated this fact to Child 2 when she came back in and she looked at me with big eyes and said “Wow!  I thought you’d want to crown her, and not with a princess crown!”  This, my friends, was what I used to say to Child 1 and 2 when they’d get sassy.  I looked at Child 2 and growled…”I’ve been through this twice before and I’m beyond crowning!”  At this she smiled.  I think it may have been a smile that said “HA!  The youngest isn’t going to get away with anything like I thought she would!”  I may have even heard a whisper of “Muwahahahahaha!”

Child 3 tried to come back in the living room 10 minutes later and this Momma wasn’t ready.  I gave her a look and said “You need to stay out of my line of vision now.”  She quickly scurried away.

About 1/2 an hour later I had her sitting on the deck with me where we could have “the discussion”.

Not “the talk”…”the discussion”.  This would be the ‘ok, you’re a teenager, and hormones are starting to rage, and sometimes we don’t think before we talk’ – CALM discussion.

The ‘it’s ok to be crabby, it’s ok to be frustrated…but instead of being sassy and sniping, just say:  “I’m CRABBY!”, and walk away’ discussion.

The ‘change your attitude or you’re not going to do {insert fun thing}’.  The ‘I’ll pull you out at the last-minute if you get sassy’ discussion.  And the girls know I’m serious, if I say I’ll do it, I will.

I’ve had this talk with all three girls now.  And no doubt, I’ll need to have this talk a few more times with Child 3, and no doubt, we’ll have arguments…she is only (almost) 13 after all.  We have at least 6 more years of this.

No doubt, Tim and I will hear “You’re too strict!”  And…”But, so and so, gets to!”  And…”I hate you!”, to which I respond “Yes {fist pump}, that means I’m doing my job!” (never mind the tug in my heart).  And my personal favorite…”This is so unfair!”


I’ve been dreading this stage for a while now.  But now that it’s here, I’m actually relieved.  Does that make any sense?  As much as I will miss the little girl, I look forward to the FUN of the teenage years too.

And the talks…the many, many talks…

The many…many…many talks…

Breathe, Patty, breathe…

Only one more daughter to get through the teenage years.  I can do this.  Right?


I thank God for these girls, I pray for them every day, and as you all know…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my girls!

Even if there are moments when I want to “crown” them…


Patty O

Thanks to Pinterest for the image.

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  1. Oh, don’t you hate it when they get attitude? I’m so glad that I am done with that! Two girls over 21 now…not sure how I made it through with them 17 months apart. Good luck!!!! 😀


    August 26, 2013
    • Oh my goodness – 17 months apart! Yikes! God bless you woman! Enjoy your quiet time now! 🙂


      August 26, 2013

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