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i have three daughters

Republican or Democrat, please read the post by Scott Stabile:

Scott Stabile

Yesterday at 12:00pm ·

Trump said that when you’re a star, “you can do anything” to women. You can “just start kissing them” and “grab ’em in the pussy.” So, you can assault them. Because you’re a star.

This is good news for the star athletes in high school and college, who needed an excuse to assault their female classmates. Or the star students, or the star artists, or star businessmen and entrepreneurs, or any boy or man who finds himself feeling like a star at some point in his life.

If the presidential nominee can force himself on women, then it must be okay. Right?

I keep reading statements like “all men talk like that.” No we don’t. All men aren’t predators like Trump. Fellas…if you live in a world where Trump’s comments are “just how guys talk,” then for fuck’s sake, be a real man and speak up when you hear that misogynistic bullshit. Don’t let your friends think it’s okay to go around groping women. Assaulting women. It’s never been okay. It will never be okay.

I’m sure I don’t know a single woman who hasn’t been sexually harassed many times throughout her life. I know many women who have been molested or abused or raped, or all of these things. Because too many men think it’s okay to do whatever they want to do with women. Star or not. We have to do better than this.

Really, we have to do better than this.

Economics may not trickle down, but attitudes do. Sexist and misogynistic attitudes have been trickling down from men in power for as long as there have been men in power. In other words, forever. It’s long past time for young boys to be taught how to treat women, and how NOT to treat women.

After Obama was elected, African-American children (boys, especially) understood that they, too, could be president. With Hillary, young girls see that they can become, at the very least, the presidential nominee. What message has Trump’s candidacy conveyed to boys? If they’re successful enough, they too can do whatever they want to women. They can grab them by their pussies.

I get that there are lots of voters out there who hate Hillary Clinton. Fine. Don’t vote for her. Just please don’t vote for Donald Trump. Let him lose this election in such a big way that the message we send to our little boys is clear: When you are a misogynist, you lose.”

And the message we send to our little girls is clear, too: “You are safe here.”



Now here is my story…

…I have 3 daughters…

I was sexually assaulted as a child.

I have been groped and sexually harassed;  by ‘friends’, by strangers, by co-workers (in the past)…more times than I care to think about.

I have been spoken to like I’m nothing.

I survived being told I’m a horrible person and at fault for every bad thing that they did and said to me.

I survived being made to feel as though the one closest to me hated me…every day…for months on end.

I’ve been told that you’re supposed to stick it out because that’s just the way it is.

I was told not to expect any better.

But I did.

I expected better.

I was in the working world and saw men who treated women with respect:


…That NEVER talked to you as though you were just a sexual object.

…That NEVER looked you up and down as though you were a piece of meat.

…That NEVER made innuendoes or advances on you.

…That listened when I spoke.

…That valued my opinion and ideas.

…That not just listened, but moved forward with those ideas. 

I learned what self worth was.   

I learned that it didn’t come with a catch.

I felt, literally felt, that God was happy with who I was (am). 

I have been told that yes, I did the work of a higher position and did it with excellent reviews, but would not get the raise or the position because I didn’t have a college degree.  I GUARANTEE that if I would have been a man, they would have gotten that position and that raise.

I have been treated as an equal by men.

I saw how men should treat women and that’s what I chose to teach my girls.

…I have three daughters…

I married one of those men.

One who tells me that I look nice…not slobbering all over me like a slimeball…or touching me anywhere and everywhere when I don’t want him to.

I married a GOOD man.  

One who quietly loves me, showing me everyday in his own steadfast way.  

One that would NEVER talk like Donald Trump did or continues to about women.

One that has shown our three girls how a man should treat a woman.



And they don’t need to put up with that bullshit.

It’s 2016.


if you haven’t been clued in yet…

YOU ARE NO LONGER the dominant gender.


YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to treat us like meat.

WE WOMEN and RESPECTFUL MALE EQUALS will not stand for it.


Get your friends,

male and female,

democratic and republican,

and go vote.

Send the message that this BULLSHIT is not ok.




end of story.

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  1. Autumn #

    Well said. It’s time to state how unacceptable it is for those men who treat women like second class citizens. I also am blessed to be married to a man that is respectful. So thankful you have a good role model in Tim for your girls to see.


    October 19, 2016

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