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It All Started With Dan Rather

I was just reflecting this morning about how cynical I’ve become. Or maybe it’s just that I’m allowing my cynical side to show more? Either way, this whole situation created by our current President and his band of horrible men/women has taken it’s toll.

I want to not worry about our world and the latest thing 45 has said or done.

But for once (I NEVER used to pay attention to politics) I feel as though I have to stay vigilant, to be informed, to fight for what’s right – even if it’s in a very small way.

I think about my friends who say ‘Trust in God and give your worries to him’. But then I think about the tale of the man on an island.

God has given us a brain (intelligence), and empathy, and a voice…and a path through His teachings.

If we don’t stand up, who will?

And if we don’t stand up for the less fortunate (or for ourselves)…then we’re not followings God’s teachings.

I share posts on Facebook…in the hopes that maybe, just maybe it will get through to more people and they’ll start reading them and standing up too. It’s the least I can do.

And even if it doesn’t do any good, I sign petitions. I figure it’s at least worth trying.

And call…I’ve got to start calling legislators offices.

This President has to be stopped.

It’s a nightmare, truly a nightmare…and every one of the damn congressmen and women who are supporting/or are turning a blind eye so they can get their agendas through will be held accountable some day.

Anger, yes…I’m feeling angry too.

But I still go about my day and forget this crap. I don’t read Facebook or the news when I’m at work. I still crack jokes and laugh with my family, random people, my dogs, etc.

If we don’t compartmentalize this craziness we now see in the White House,Β we won’t survive. Stick it in a box and go to work and/or play…we need to continue to lead our lives as we always have and be happy…otherwise 45 and his band of horrible men/women wins.

We can’t let that happen.

Must not let that happen.

Rallying cry!

Love you dear friends.

We stand strong…

right will prevail…

they can’t take our power from inside us unless we let them.

This post was inspired by the words of Dan Rather. (click on his name and read his incredibly wise words)

Patty O


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