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A reason to go to war with the US

Here are my thoughts…and yes, this is speculation.

I think even though the US officials were in contact with Russia throughout the day yesterday to let them know ‘we’ were planning an attack in Syria…the Russian officials left their people there. Did we really think the Russians care about his people? Putin can easily call them collateral damage.

What would Putin like more than anything? A reason to go to war with the US.

He wants to be the most powerful man in the world. Now he has his chance to prove it. He’ll make some excuse as to why they couldn’t get their people out of the Syrian airbase in time…and the blame will rest on the shoulders of the US.

The quote in an NPR article that gives him the green light:

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, in his regular Friday morning briefing, said the U.S. strike constituted “aggression against a sovereign state in violation of international law.”

Not only do I fear for our soldiers safety overseas, but I fear this will bring war to the United States of America…on our shores, on our land, inside our Country.

For how many years have we sat in front of our television sets/computers/cell phones and watched destruction and death play out in other countries around the world?  All while we sat cozy in our homes, safe and sound, our dog sitting in our lap, the sun shining, birds chirping outside, with nary a care in the world.

There are two power-hungry men in charge of two powerful countries.

One has been played like a fiddle by the other. An easy target for false propaganda, who then spread it like manure across the airwaves.

The other, with seemingly a brilliant network of spies and computer hackers.

He has organized a coup of sorts in our Country: One that is breaking apart traditional, well-run agencies. One that has set neighbor against neighbor. One that has pressured our leader to react and take action in ways that he said he wouldn’t do.

This, our leader, who wanted to make America great again by focusing on fixing America with less interaction in other countries, has now attacked an air base in Syria. While his intention may have been led by a noble cause, the fallout could be disastrous.

The US did this.

Trump did this.

WE did this.

And while our President sought advice from our military leaders and his advisors, I personally wish he would have gotten UN backing and cooperation/assistance from other countries.

We are now a target…and I am afraid.

I am afraid that I could be right.

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