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Mother’s Day: Roses and Thorns

Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me…

The beauty of a rose, with some memories like thorns…

I love hearing from my girls and the treats that Tim and Gabi picked up yesterday: Chocolate Moose Cake, dinner from the Grand Ely Lodge, and this morning, pastries from the Chocolate Moose for breakfast.

I love being woken up by Gabi with a bright and cheery “Happy Mother’s Day”! Read more


The Women Who Inspire Me

There are so many inspirational women today…

some in the headlines…

others who have books written about them…

and then there are the ones who personally touch our lives.

These are the women I’m writing about today… Read more

Humor and a Thankful Heart

Some days it’s hard to live with a thankful heart.

Some days you just want to crawl under the covers and stay there…although then I want someone who can bring me coffee and chocolate and as the day turns to night…a glass of wine.  And maybe a good Janet Evanovich book…oh wait…now I’m starting to feel better!

Looking at life with humor.

It’s a bit of a motto for me. Read more

Lord, give me strength…

I’m having a bit of a weak moment this morning, and when I have these moments, “Lord, give me strength” is my go to prayer.

You see, the past year has brought lots of these “pause and prayer” moments.  If we include not just immediate family, but add the mother and father in-law…we’ve had a total of 6 surgeries (sinus, elbow, major vascular bypass, ankle, and 2 cataracts), an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, 2 graduations & parties (high school and college), piriformis syndrome and shoulder issues causing me to be out of work for 5 months, 2 daughters moving (one into a new apartment and one into college), the college shuffle (painting and redoing the girls bedrooms…the youngest now gets the biggest room!).  Add in a winter of PTSD therapy last year (Thank you God for that!), and it’s been quite a year. Read more

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