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Health Mystery Solved: My Gut Microbiome Did It!

I’ve always loved a good mystery… Give me Jessica Fletcher in Cabot Cove, Maine and I’m a happy camper. But there was one mystery that I’d almost given up hope of figuring out – my health. Bear with me while I explain my health history, I promise I’ll get to the answers relatively quickly…

By the time I was 50 I’d managed to develop 5 auto-immune diseases plus a host of other strange illnesses. My mystery was why? What was going on in my body that my immune system kept attacking itself?

For years, I’ve doctored in our small town, in a larger town and even the Mayo Clinic and while they were able to pinpoint what the issues were and manage the symptoms fairly well, there were no answers.

But there was one friend who didn’t give up on me…my friend Tangi.  She contacted me and told me about some plant based supplements and how she really felt they could help me get healthier. My skepticism was high. But she didn’t give up…she told me how issues with our gut microbiome causes many of these symptoms and explained how these products addressed our gut health. For over a year my skepticism won out…until I was in so much pain every day that my Dr wanted to put me on a really strong drug that I just didn’t want to put in my body…so I turned to Tangi. This amazing, loyal, sweet friend had patiently waited for me and even prayed for me and now she helped me order the products my body so desperately needed.

Two years later and my health has improved tremendously – from very little pain (only caused by joint hyper mobility) to better gut health (no more constipation or diarrhea), to more energy (no more naps needed!), to multiple (think double digits) prescriptions gone! I don’t need them anymore!

But let’s get back to my mystery…why? Why was my health so bad…what had been causing my immune system to attack itself?

Well, for years now there’s been talk about how an unhealthy gut microbiome is the cause of many health issues. And while it’s taken many years for the medical community to fully acknowledge this theory, it seems they’ve finally been able to prove it. More articles are being published linking our gut health to illnesses and the results of the research is astounding (see the article by the National Institute of Health below.) Not only does it connect the obvious gut health issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and IBD, but the medical community is now linking autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression – and even Alzheimer’s and dementia – to our gut microbiome (see Mayo Clinic article link below). The latest article I read is even talking about linking colon cancer in young men to bad gut microbiome health (see Men’s Health article link below).

Our gut microbiome consists of millions of good and bad bacteria. I wish it was as easy as saying we need more good than bad. OR that if we eat the right foods we’ll be healthy. Unfortunately it’s way more complicated than that…

#1 – there’s one theory that we get our Mother’s gut microbiome as we’re being delivered. In other words, if your Mom and her Mom and her Mom (I could keep going but you get the gist) had unhealthy gut microbiome, it’s highly likely you do too. So even if you eat healthy and exercise daily – if you’re not addressing the root problem of cleaning up your gut health – the likelihood of you having or developing a health issue is high.

***Now here’s where I have a theory: Imagine if young women addressed their gut health BEFORE they have children…what would that mean for future generations? Could we actually achieve a healthier future for our children?***

But I digress…

#2 – when we eat pre-processed foods, take certain medications like birth control, drink lots of alcohol, or eat lots of sugar or carbs – we’re feeding the bad bacteria. Some theories say it feeds Candida which is a yeast that develops a hard shell around itself. When you have too much yeast – aka Candida Overgrowth – it makes sense that your body is not absorbing nutrients properly. This overgrowth can also then permeate the wall linings of our colon causing holes in the lining aka Leaky Gut Syndrome.

#3 – Taking unnecessary antibiotics kills the good bacteria in our gut microbiome and it can take up to a year for it to replenish itself during which time, of course, the bad bacteria has wreaked havoc on your system.

So, why have I experienced such great health success? 

Because these plant based supplements address gut health. Specifically the Candida Overgrowth. By offering a system that includes prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes (to break up the hard shell of the Candida) and an antifungal – they go in and clean up our gut health and feed in the good bacteria. Along with that, add in products that help balance blood glucose levels, an amazing methylated vitamin (that your body can absorb easier), and others that address inflammation and it’s a winning combination that has given me a whole new healthier life.

I don’t believe, nor does the company claim, that the products have cured me of any of my health issues. But by cleaning up my gut health I’m able to live primarily symptom free. And for this gal who could barely move 2 years ago…I’m loving being able to live my life to the fullest again. I’m even in Spin Class and I’m ROCKIN’ it!

If you’re interested in learning more about these products, please reach out to me. There is hope for a healthier life – I’m living proof of it!

Patty O

Mayo Clinic Research: Recruiting Microbes to Fight Autoimmune Diseases

Men’s Health Magazine: Why Are Young Guys Suddenly Getting Colon Cancer?

And if you really want to geek out, read this by the National Institute of Health: Leaky Gut As A Danger Signal for Autoimmune Diseases

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Sadness & Gratitude for Extraordinary People

This Christmas season finds me with feelings of both sadness and gratitude this year. For even though the season is filled with the joy that Christ’s birth brings, I selfishly mourn for the loss of loved ones this year…

My sadness comes from the loss of my very special, sweet father-in-law whose body succumbed to Alzheimer’s this summer…and from the loss of 2 wonderful friends this fall…and from the impending loss of another dear friend, given only days to live.

All three were extraordinary people…giving of themselves to help others: Read more

I Almost Forgot I Was Sick…


If you’re looking for a funny post, this isn’t it.  Nor is it a home decor post, or a cute kid saying post, or a religious post, or an art post.

What this is, is a health post.  Not a whiny, woe is me post, but rather an epiphany post.

Late last week I picked up a prescription at one of our local pharmacies, and as I watched them through the drive-through window, my heart leapt and I thought…I could work there…I could do that!

And then came the epiphany…No, sadly, I couldn’t.

Not because I couldn’t learn what to do, nor because I lack the customer service experience.  But because my health wouldn’t allow it.  {ok, I whimpered a little here…ok, in all honesty I said “damn”.}

In the past year, my Sjogren’s Syndrome has gone from being a somewhat silent illness (under control with the right medicine…as long as I didn’t overdo it), to my daily foe.  15 years ago I was known as ‘The Energizer Bunny’ – able to multi-task with the best of them; juggle job, motherhood, work, community plays, you name it – I had energy for it.  13 years ago, I couldn’t seem to find any energy, I hurt everywhere and became depressed…I’d just had Gabi.  It took 2 years for doctors to figure out it was Sjogren’s Syndrome causing the problems.  Medication helped tremendously until last Fall, when my body fell apart.  Now don’t get me wrong – I’m better than I was a year ago – the shoulder has been fixed, the lower back/sciatic is lots better – it’s the regular Sjogren’s stuff that’s still running on high.

There are millions of people who have Sjogren’s – in fact approximately 4 million in the US.  And there are millions more with RA, Fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, and many other auto-immune diseases.  These are the group of chronic illnesses described as ‘Invisible Illnesses’.  Why?  Because you don’t see a limp…or an open wound…or a cast.  You can’t see it…period.  On any given day ‘we look good’…in other words, we can’t be very sick…right!?!  Wrong.

Auto-Immune Disease is described as ‘when your body’s cells attack themselves’.  No need for an infection to get you sick…your system does it for you.  Infections just make it that much more fun (jk) – they just throw your disease into high gear.

It can be like having the achy flu EVERY DAY…or being so tired that you can hardly keep your eyes open, even when you’ve had a good night’s sleep…or your joint pain may flare up – with or without exercise…or your eyes and mouth are so dry that you need medicines, surgeries, or dental work to help…or you may get hit with Brain Fog and it leaves you wondering if you are getting Alzheimer’s because you’d swear your child never told you the fact she insists she did – even though your spouse saw it.  There’s no cure, but there is medication to help (thank God).

There are so many more symptoms that all these diseases bring with them…and so many levels within each illness.  Some people are better than others.  Some unable to work…while others can.

We need to all remember this – there’s no “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” auto-immune disease level…so PLEASE don’t judge others.  A – you don’t know what health issues they have…and B – you never know what someone else is going through in their lives.

I think I can speak for most people who have auto-immune diseases when I say the following:  If you don’t understand what I’m talking about above, we pray you never do…because sometimes the only way to understand what someone is going through, is to go through it yourself…and we hope you never have to.

And if you do understand, thanks for the moral support…know that I’m here for you if you need an ear, or a gentle hug…and best of all…I believe you.  Let’s keep smiling…whether you dress up or have a sloppy day…do whatever makes you happy – and don’t forget to look for the BLESSINGS and HUMOR in everything!

As for the job thing…I’ll keep watching these two funny, little, daycare babies…we can hang out and color, or work on our alphabet, or rock-a-bye.  And sometimes we (they) run, chase Motzy, or march around the couch playing cymbals while we listen to John Philip Sousa on the stereo.  They’re pretty flexible with how I’m feeling…and thankfully, so are their parents.  These two little girls bring great joy to me – I hope your life is just as blessed!

Have a great weekend!

Patty O

Do What You Can Do…

This picture and its saying are fantastic – a little sassy, but fantastic!

To all my fellow auto-immune disease sufferers – I say:  Let’s raise a glass of water and toast ourselves – and to those who don’t understand and don’t want to try to understand – to heck with you!

We may take longer to do some things (work, rest, work again)…we may be more tired and achy… Read more

Lessons from Dad…Fishing, Coffee Cans in the Boat, and Goose Hunting

I sure loved my Dad.

He taught me many lessons…

Girls can do anything, but don’t have to do everything:  Our entire family went deer hunting (for food, not sport).  Off I went to gun training (and was a pretty good shot I might add), but when it came to hunting season I decided I’d rather shoot a deer with a camera, not a gun…and Dad was ok with that.

Always keep your word:  When Dad said the kids needed to be quiet and behave or he’d turn the car around and we wouldn’t get to go to Grandma’s house…he meant it.  We found out the hard way.  Grandma’s house was about 4 hours away and we were about 3 1/2 hours into the drive when he turned around. Read more

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