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Today was a Blog-Worthy Day

Not that there haven’t been others, but today seemed exceptionally blog worthy.

This was my schedule when I started:

9 a.m. Meet with a friend to look over his vintage and antique items he wanted me to sell for him.

1 p.m. Meet with a friend for tea (it’s been months since we’ve gotten together).

Then a client wanted to meet after to go through her orders. {Add one client meeting at about 3:00 p.m.}

At 8:30 I received a call from the Sewer Roto-router guy that he’d be arriving at 10:00/10:30. (Yeah…that mess happened two days before.) {Change 9 a.m. meeting to after roto-router guy so we have more time to visit.}

11:10 Contact both friends to say it’s not looking good. {9 a.m. friend laughs. 1 p.m. friend says it may still work.}

11:45 Roto-router guy shows up…crabby. Brings his stuff in, turns on our water in the kitchen full blast and tells me to turn on the water in the bathrooms…then proceeds to do his thing. I take care of the bathroom water and then get back to my computer work.

12ish I hear something in the kitchen…the drain plug that we have a hard time getting to work has decided to plug on its own. There’s water running out of the sink and under the stove. (Sigh.)

I proceed to turn off the water, pull the #*^# sink drain and clean up…ok I push the rug under the stove to soak it up.

Then I remember…

My sink in the bathroom has been draining slow.

Mad dash to the bathroom and yup…water running out into the hallway. (Head thunk.)

Turn water off on both sinks.Β  Move bathroom rug to soak up the water in the bathroom. Hey – it worked in the kitchen.

Thankfully our floors are slanted so it was just draining to the outside wall/door. (Insert sarcastic eye roll.)

Grab towels and sop up the rest of the water.

12:15ish Daughter comes home from school for lunch. Proceeds to tell me about her bad morning. Then hugs me in tears and confesses to hitting a deer with my car last night saying the front was just scratched.Β (Virtual head thunk inside my head.)

Say ‘Well, at least you’re ok.”

Roto-router guy yells up asking me to flush the toilet. Dash to the bathroom to perform said duty. And repeat.

Then I yell down to him that I have to go outside for a minute but I’ll be right back. (I didn’t want Mr. Cranky-pants to yell up for me to flush again without my being there.)

Outside with the daughter…yup just scratched…sigh of relief.

12:40ish Roto-router guy is done. He brings all of his stuff up, brings it to his truck and comes back in. I ask him ‘What are the damages?’ He then tells me no tree roots, just soft stuff (ewww…but Thank God) and that I owe him $165. Major sigh of relief…we were expecting a higher bill.

Daughter heads back to school in a muchΒ better mood.

I message my friend to cancel tea, client to cancel appt and other friend to cancel and apologize.

I head to the basement to clean up the mess.

Put on my rubber gloves…which were fairly old…and the long sleeve part tore off. (Hrmph.)

I won’t go into the gory details of clean up…but let’s just say when I got to the drain and I saw toilet paper down there I reached down to clean it out and the entire drain part came up from the basement floor. And under that part where it should have been attached to the concrete? About 4 inches filled with TP and such (Guh.) Absolutely disgusting.

I cleaned it up…threw away my gloves…threw clothes, towels and rugs in the washer…and disinfected myself (literally).

3:00 I messaged client and said today wasn’t going to work and sat down…with a heating pad.

I’m now relaxing, sipping my tea and writing to you. My daughter ordered Chinese for dinner (Love that girl) and my poor husband has to clean up the part of the basement where I couldn’t (under the Christmas bins that are too heavy for me to move).

God bless that man.

I’m a lucky woman, I am.

Even if I had a sh.tty day. πŸ˜‰

Patty O


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