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The Toilet Paper Caper

On a lighter note,

I have an apology to make to my adorable, funny, devilish, littlest daycare girl.

About a week ago my daughter Sam found her in the bathroom where she’d unrolled all of the toilet paper.

Sam said “Did you do this?”

To which Nic responded “Yes”.

Sam promptly had her roll it back up.

Fast forward to the next week.

I find Nic in the bathroom where the toilet paper is once again rolled out and on the floor.

I gave her ‘the look’ and she quickly said “I didn’t do that!”

I believe I gave her a ‘hmm, mmm’ and said ‘let’s clean it up’.

Two days later, when the girls weren’t here, I walked in to find the toilet paper roll unrolled again!

Just then a strong wind blew in through the open window and I saw the toilet paper flutter.


It was the wind.

Nicole wasn’t fibbing.

I’ll be apologizing to her and I think extra hugs are in order!

My little devilish, funny girl was telling the truth!

I love that little peanut…

I hope your day brings a little quirky adventure~

Patty O

I Have a Haiwy Eaw

I had my yearly checkup the other day.  They did all the basics…

First I had my blood pressure taken.

Dr. Nicole said:  “Is it getting tight?”  This, as she was pumping and pumping and pumping the cuff.

Next she said:  “Now I need to chseck yow eyes and eaws.”

“Yowr eyes awr good.”

Right ear:  “This eaw is doughty.”

Left ear:  “This eaw isn’t doughty…but it’s kind of haiwy.”

(To which I said, rather surprised…”WHAT!?!”)

She went on to explain…”Fwom yowr haiw.”


Then it was time to check my heart.

She asked first “Whearw is yow haught?”

Then she listened very intently and proclaimed “Yowr haught is stwong and healthy.”

“Now I need to give yow a sot.”

I pretended to look worried and she said, “Sots let yow be helfy.  Sots have medicine.”

Then she checked my temperature and said “Yow mouf is kind of sad.”


Which of course made me smile…

so I gave her a hug.

I love my little daycare 3 yr old Doctor.

She makes me smile.


Patty O

Ps…Be sure to clean your ears before your next checkup!

Reminders of Love, Faith and Gratefulness

I happened upon a Facebook post of one of my friends just now.

I want to thank Sue for sharing it with her family and friends.

As you’ll read in the link below, she and her husband took our town with them on a journey of love, heartbreak, and faith.

Their son Sasha was the gift that God gave us all so that we could see that beauty can shine through even during sadness.

This post was written just over 2 years ago.

It’s definitely my favorite post on faith, and probably the most heartfelt posts that I’ve ever written.

Without further ado, click on the link below…

Witnessing a Story of Faith, Love and Support

God bless…and thank you…all 535 of you who read my ramblings.

You are appreciated and loved.

Patty O

Featured Image credit goes to The Nectar Collective Read more

And Now, the Pièce de Résistance…My Dining Room

By now, you’ve seen most of my house, all decorated for Christmas…

The bedrooms, dressing room, and bathrooms only get a few touches of Christmas, so they really don’t need their own post.

But the dining room…now the dining room is another story.

For a couple of years now, I’ve wanted to put a (faux) Christmas tree in there.

I’ve had the perfect plan.

I’d collected ornaments from Goodwill and garage sales.

I’d picked up a Christmas tree from a friend who had decided to give it away.

But last year, sadly, I was just too sick to get all my decorations up, and that tree stayed in the basement.

But this year…

This year is different.

Without further ado, take a look at my dining room Christmas.  A moment of silence to appreciate the beauty…

I could stand here and look at it all day.  Especially from this view…

Read more

It’s Time For Some Silly Fun

So, I went into a fun little gift/clothing store/spa on Tuesday to buy a little birthday gift for a friend.

Of course, while I was there, I enjoyed looking at all the fun goodies they carry and before I left a friend came in to start her work shift.  This friend, Bailey, is a young woman I met through my daughter…actually a friend of hers…who then became a friend of mine!

Bailey is one of those crazy fun, interesting and fantastic people who you can’t help but laugh with when you’re around her.  Our topic of laughter was a new fashionable piece of clothing they had at the store.

I just couldn’t resist, I HAD TO try it on.

Yes, it was just Christmas…and yes, we overspent again this year.  But a few of the sweaters I’d purchased off Zulily didn’t fit, so I resold them to friends and decided I could spend a portion of the money on something different for me.

What did I find when I tried it on?  I LOVED IT!

IT being a Slip Dress Tutu!  And it was 25% off!

Bailey saw me in it and decided if I bought the pink one, she’d get the black one.

I put it on hold for a night.  (OK, along with a GREAT sweater that had a deer head in a frame on the front and cute black buttons all the way down the back.  It was 1/2 price.)

The next day I went to work, doing all the grown up things I do…spreadsheets, expenses, year-end reports (aaaaaahhhhh!).  After that I got a call from a friend and had a very adult/sad conversation.  Which brought me to my next stop…The Pebble Spa (the store holding my silly tutu dress).

I debated…should I skip it?  I’m way too old to dress like that anyway.  But it was fun…it made me feel like a kid again…young, carefree, like I could skip through the park with all my favorite little friends (kids).

I made myself go in and try it on one more time.

And it happened again.

I went from being this serious adult to feeling like a young girl again.

I bought it right then and there.  I left the sweater behind so as not to overspend.  See?  I had an adult moment there.

And today was the day.

The day I decided to stop being a serious adult…that has dealt with far too many serious situations since I was little…and feel like a kid again.

I had to take a picture for you, since some of you who know me personally wouldn’t believe it without a visual.



As I skip to my car to go to work.

I hope you had a great day like I did!

Patty O…

Feeling fun and fabulous at 48!


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