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“Are You Sick?” “No, I’m Just Not Wearing Any Makeup.”

Yes, just like the cartoon…this happened to me.

It was many years ago, when I was young and cute, skin shiny, face thin, some might have said beautiful.

Little did I know…that was only when I wore makeup.

Ok, let’s be honest…I almost NEVER left the house without makeup.

But then there was that one day I felt lazy,

And just needed a few things from the grocery store,

And I thought “This isn’t so bad”.

I mean…no one was running away in fear when they looked at me, I must not look that bad…maybe it had all been in my head all those years.

Then I saw my brother-in-law (my now ex-brother-in-law…and no – his comment had nothing to do with the divorce!)…

Mark took one look at me with a shocked, yet caring look on his face and said (ever so gently)…

“Are you sick?”

I burst out laughing and said “No, I’m fine – I’m just not wearing any makeup!”

Internally thinking…’Hrmph – lesson learned’.

I now wear makeup whenever I leave the house.

And very rarely does anyone ever think I’m sick!

And even when I am having a bad health day – people sometimes say “You look good!”

I just smile and say Thank You…

And whisper a little prayer…”Thank you God, for makeup!”

Patty O

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