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Spring in Northern Minnesota!

Just a quick post to say LOOK AT THIS SNOW!!!Β  And we’re supposed to get another 3-6 inches today!Β  All I could do this morning is laugh!Β  It’s just so bizarre!

Take a peek at yesterday’s post with this beautiful tree…Prayers, Gabi sees Yoda, and I’m Hibernating!Β  Amazing the difference a day makes…and it’s supposed to be Spring!

We originally planned on heading out on a trip today, but between the weather and our oldest daughter being sick with the flu (we were heading down to see her)…

I think hibernation is in order for today too.

Gabi has already been outside to play – in fact if you look just to the left of my cute little Christmas tree buried under the snow – you’ll see her head sitting behind a snow bank!

Tim’s shoveled and snowblowed and looked like the abominable snowman when he came back in.

And now I think we’ll pull out a puzzle and spend some family time together.

Bring on the hot chocolate!

Patty O

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