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Magnifico Lasagna!

This is the





My husband and daughter raved, and raved, and RAVED about it!  You’d think they were having a spiritual experience.

Like the Heavens had opened up and the angels were singing…


So, without further ado – Read more

The Toddler Invasion

As my readers know, I did daycare for 4 years.  The two little peanuts I watched are my absolute favorite 2 and 4 year old toddlers in the whole wide world.  They are the funniest little characters who continue to steal our hearts in our weekly visits.  Many a humorous blog post has been written about them, such as…Goats in Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Jumping on Chairs, Belly Buttons and Boogers, and My Mommm Said Sooooo. Read more

I found Jambalaya on My Way to the Banana Bread

Sunday afternoon I found myself scoping out, trying to find a new Banana Bread recipe.  I didn’t care for the one I had and I’d just cleaned out our freezer and found oodles of overripe bananas in a drawer.  (I admit, some had been in there way too long so they went right into the garbage.  I honestly didn’t think ripe bananas could get any worse…wrong!)

I still wound up with enough bananas to make 4 batches of Banana Bread.  I did find one to try which included Sour Cream in the recipe and my family liked it!  Here’s the link if you’d like to try it:  Cathy’s Banana Bread .  I do wish I would have put some roasted walnuts or chocolate chips (or both) in a loaf or two, but I’m sure we’ll collect more overripe bananas soon!

Actually that’s the side story… Read more

Four Angels and a Cigar, Part 4…On with Life

As life moved on, I found some interesting projects to keep myself busy with.  One of which was the metal swing.  Now, remember it looked like this?


I debated painting it bright red with white arms/base, which was what my parents looked like, but then I found a gorgeous turquoise color.  It was love at first sight. Read more

Four Angels and a Cigar – Part 3

As Paul Harvey would say:  ‘And now, here’s the rest of the story’…

One of the (hopefully temporary) setbacks of these bizarre syndromes is having to be grounded from driving out-of-town.  It started as a self-imposed setback, after making a 4 hr trip that was a struggle, I came home and told my husband that was the end.  I feel safe driving in town – I’m driving slow enough that if I were hit with a dizzy attack I can quick slow down and pull over to a stop.  But driving 55+ is too much – especially for a long period of time.  It’s now Doctor ordered.  I have to go 6 months without a dizzy spell before I can drive out-of-town again.  I’m up to 2 days without one – whoohoo!  Most of the time it doesn’t bother me – trust me it’s better than the awful feeling knowing I’m driving too much and feeling ‘out of it’ – but there sure are days I’d just like to jump in a car and go to something without asking for someone else to drive me.


This last bit of background information brings us…finally…to the story of the Four Angels and a Cigar: Read more

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