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It was Crazy, It was Wild, It was Fun!!!

Wha-hewwwwwwww……I came skidding into Monday night.

What a crazy weekend!  And yes it was wild and it was fun!

Not in the way some of you may think…no crazy parties or anything.

It all started at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning…when Gabi and I had to get up to get to her basketball tournament an hour away.  Unfortunately the tournament ended rather quickly for the girls, but they played their hearts out and gave their competition a run for their money!

A quick stop at Target and we were headed home…and on our way to pick up a 9 month old baby so her Mommy could help with the vet checks for the local dog sled race.

An afternoon of playing with baby and an evening of Chinese food and relaxing and back up at 7 on Sunday morning to receive the baby again so Mom could get ready for her race!

We met the babies Grandma and big sister at 9:30 at the race start so we could watch their Mom head out on her 60 mile trek with her 10 dog team.  After which we got to take big sister home too!

And the fun began…there was playing,



more playing,

snow shoveling,

music making,

breakfasts, lunches and dinners,

a nap or two,

loads of snuggles

and bathtime too.

Their Mom got back by 7:30 having WON the race – way to go Mom!!!!

We decided they should all spend the night since it was late, Mom was tired, they live an hour away, and needed to be back in town for Mom to get to work early the next morning.  Whew.

We all visited for a bit and then went to bed.

This morning when the babies woke up there were all kinds of smiles…from the tallest person in the house (my husband) to Miss Gabi.  Gabi and Tim even got hugs before they left for school.  Yeah…they were guaranteed a good day!

I decided the girls should stay here instead of going to the other daycare…they were here already anyway, right!?!

I had to laugh because by noon I’d had a complete blowout diaper (major yuck),

an adventure taking the dog out for a walk (of course the girls had to go too),

Hershey (the dog) decided he must be a lap dog as he chased Elena around and she jumped up on the couch to get away from him and he joined her…on her lap (ps – he’s a 13 year old chocolate lab on a 2 year old).

He didn’t do this once but twice.

And baby Nicole was a bit cranky this morning from a terrible cold.

And Elena very nicely went into the bathroom all by herself…did her job…and then yelled “Patty whewre awe you?”

It was a zoo!

The afternoon included a dog walk with the baby in a sled and Elena pulling her own sled which we filled with the mail.  We made it around the block which is a bit of a feat considering the uphill climb on the way back.  They were real troopers!

A movie and a bottle (for the babies) and a little bit of calm was restored.

And then Gabi came home…and the excitement began again!

And then Momma came and we got them all packed up and on their way. Another whew!

When Gabi and I walked in the house the living room looked empty!

And it was far too quiet…

Jen (Momma) texted me a note when they got home saying that as they left Elena said “That was fun!” and promptly fell asleep.

Ahhhhhh…to be a 2 year old again.  Run, run, run, run, run and then collapse sound asleep.

Oh wait…that’s what we do too!

It’s good to be back readers!

I love, love, love the babies and I’m so very grateful that Jen shares them with us but I’m glad my girls are at the ages they’re at.

I’m in Daycare (hopefully Grandma…someday) mode…love them, feed them sugar and send them home! 😉

I hope you had a GREAT weekend!

Patty O

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  1. Favorite sentence? Movie and a bottle (FOR THE BABIES)!!! HAHA Good to hear you are’t hitting the sauce with the kiddies Patty!!! Thanks for the much needed giggle. Love ya!


    February 25, 2013
    • Love ya too! So glad you caught that! I thought I’d better specify so someone didn’t get the wrong idea! We had so much fun!


      February 26, 2013
  2. You need a good nap. Tired just reading it!


    February 26, 2013

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