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Worst Sports Mom EVER…

Let me raise my hand and confess…


I must be, there really can be no question about it.

As we watched Gabi’s baseball game tonight this truth hit me full force as I realized the following facts:

A)  I am not, nor was I EVER any good at sports (unless you count the card game Smear as a sport – Dad taught me well).

B)  As other Mom’s talk about wanting to bleach their child’s baseball  pants to make them super-white, I think – ehhh…they’re just going to get dirty again at the next game.

C)  As other parents are yelling and screaming at the teams, cheering them on, listening so intently – bent forward – all tensed up…yeah…I’m sitting in our car thinking “Oh that was a good play by the other team!”  (I’m all about cheering on all the kids.)

D)  I realized that my lack of confidence in my own athletic abilities equals complete and utter fear for my daughter when it’s her turn at bat.  You see she’d either fouled (and subsequently struck out) or had been walked each time at bat…and her last time up brought her up to the plate with “bases loaded, down by a couple runs”…


Here it comes…

I look at Tim and told him I couldn’t look.

Too much pressure.

I said a prayer “Oh dear Lord, please let her get a hit”.

And then in pure desperation…

I asked my husband “How terrible is it that I’m almost (almost) hoping the pitcher hits her with the ball so she just gets on base?”

(OK, now hold it right there – I did mean softly…tap her softly with the ball…)


Not only was this my “not-so-finest” Mother of the Year moment…

But obviously I realized I am officially the WORST SPORTS MOM EVER!!!!

Now PLEASE remember it’s not that I don’t have confidence in my child (I just knew if it was me – I would completely CHOKE!)…

And what did Gabi do?

She smacked a nice hit and made it to first base!


Have I said before how much she is like her father?







Well, that’s enough confessions for one day…

I’m going to slink off to bed now…

And dream of that fantastic hit that Gabi made!

Nothing but net…

Oh wait…

That’s basketball.

Oh well.

I’ll get the hang of this sports thing yet…

Good thing my husband loves me…

Have I told you that he’s the Athletic Director here at our high school?


Makes it even funnier doesn’t it?


Have a good evening everyone…

We’ll talk more tomorrow!

Patty O

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  1. Jan #

    Way to go Gabi!


    May 31, 2013
  2. Karla #

    Hahahahahahaha! 😀


    May 31, 2013
  3. Too funny! I fall under A, B, and C as well, but it wasn’t always that way. When I was “sports mom” I was into it – but that was many years ago, I even coached one year (T-ball), but NOW as a grandparent when I was sitting at my grandson’s game the other night I had no clue what was going on, who was winning, who hit what…My blog would be titled “worse sports grandmom ever”!! I would have much rather been home quilting, but my grandson will never know that – I was cheering louder than most – at least when he was up to bat.


    June 6, 2013
    • I LOVE your comments! Yes, we were at a game again last night and it was against a team they’d lost to on Monday 23-2…ugh. But this time they only lost by 1 run (I almost said point). I sat by my husband’s parents and HOLY COW were they into it! Grumbling when someone made an error, and yelling and honking their car horn when someone did well! I had a good laugh with them! Grandparents are the best and it sounds like you are an EXCELLENT one! Thanks for reading and commenting! Have a great day!


      June 7, 2013

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