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A Bad Day and a Wake Up Call

It was a day.

A day like no other.

Where so many major things that could go wrong, did go wrong.  Or so I thought.

First a neighbor hit my parked car which was parked along the side of our house (not my normal spot) and about 4 inches into the alley.  Accidents happen, I get it, I gave him a hug.

Then the police officer stopped by and gave me a ticket for “parking in the alley”.  Seriously.  And indicated it was my fault that the accident happened.  And he proceeded to hand me a ticket, tell me I could pick up the accident report later today, and apologized, while frustrated tears rolled down my cheeks.  I hate crying when I’m frustrated, but sometimes it just happens anyway.

I then dropped my car off at the dealership for an estimate and borrowed my mother-in-law (and her car) to drive two hours to a dr appt.

On the way to the appt, a young boy crossed the road running after his Momma.  She was about 40 feet ahead of him, plugged into her earphones.  I hit the brakes, which thankfully prevented me from hitting him as he proceeded to run ahead of me (ps, I was driving through a green light).  As I laid on my horn, in an attempt to alert the Mom, she decided to scream at me.  Seriously.

The Dr. appt brought news I didn’t expect, but I guess I’m glad he wants to be so thorough.  An MRI is scheduled for next week to see if there’s a reason for the piriformis syndrome/sciatic pain.  He’s leaning towards surgery, but I don’t want to go that route yet.

An attempt to get the youngest child a cell phone at AT&T was thwarted as my husband is the primary account holder…even though he doesn’t even use a cell phone.  ‘Oh whatever, I’ll do it online’…was my thought.  Her birthday isn’t until Oct 7 anyway.

A few stops and we came home.  Enough is enough, I’m done.

The car had been delivered with a repair estimate of $4,000.

I’m on my second glass of wine.

And then I see a FB post saying prayers are requested for a friend of mine.

And then I get the message that her son was in a terrible ATV accident on Friday night and she didn’t even know about it until Saturday, after he’d had brain surgery.  He’ll be having his jaw wired shut tomorrow for about a month, and his eye socket is fractured.  He is doing well now, thank God.

And that’s when I realized that all the crap and frustrations I went through today are nothing.

My babies are healthy.  I’m home.  I’m safe.  My car is just a thing.  I can pay the stupid ticket.  The little boy is safe.  I pray that his Mom will keep him safe from now on.  And Gab’s cell phone is just a thing.  I have just little things to complain about.

And now I turn my attention to praying for Nate and his Mom and Dad.  Lord, please give them all the chance to complain about the little things that can go wrong in their lives.


Patty O

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  1. And this is why you are the special person you are. You have an incredible sense of perspective.


    September 23, 2013
  2. Sheila #

    Puts it all into perspective, when everything goes so wrong a person just has to count their blessing. Prayers going out to them all. 🙂


    September 24, 2013
    • Love you Sheila! We sure know this don’t we? When are we setting that puppy play date? And do you still want to borrow that dining table?


      September 24, 2013
  3. I laughed and cried. Then I called my son Nate and told him I love him.


    September 24, 2013
    • Oh Barb – I’m glad you laughed, sorry you cried, but glad you called your son! I say I love you to the kids all the time. You just never know and life’s too short for them not to know how you feel! Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day.


      September 24, 2013
  4. Perspective…but we all go through things that seem to mount up way more than what we think we can deal with. Sometimes the grass isn’t greener in someone else’s yard. I am so sorry for so many things that you and people you know are going through and I pray that each one will turn out for the best.


    September 27, 2013
    • Thank you so very much. Please add to your prayers my daughter’s best friend who is going through a serious health scare. We’re waiting for results to come back, but she’s not responding as well to the meds as they want her to.


      September 27, 2013
      • Done! May God’s healing hand touch this precious one and restore her to full health. Patty, keep me updated if you would. Thanks. Take care! – Amy 😀


        September 27, 2013
      • I can’t thank you enough Amy. And yes, I will keep you posted.


        September 27, 2013
  5. Teri #

    I don’t ever comment on here. But, this requires a comment. Seems like yesterday, I thought thing’s were important. And the dirty laundry sitting right next to the shoot was the end of the earth. I wish I had the chance to tell my baby, just one more time, your dirty laundry looks good right where it is. If you want to live in a messy room, then please do it. I would live in a card board box if my son was by my side. Thanks for sharing, I’m glad your sense of perspective is in the right direction. Also, Love the print, could see this hanging in my living room. Bless you!


    May 29, 2015

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