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Epic Fail?…or…SCORE!


So yesterday I posted about being strong…and I’m not going spend money…blah, blah, blah.

And then today I went for my appt. – which was good by the way – and I stopped to see if a black dress was on sale.

I had talked to my husband about said black dress before I left and he agreed – go ahead and buy it!  It’s the same cut as a dress I already have in a tweed grey material…and I love it.  Compliments my shape (pear)…basic black…and I saw it two months ago which in my head equates to “it should now be on sale”!  I guess it already was on sale at $88.98 {cough, cough} and the price hadn’t changed.

Here’s the thing…I’m cheap.  Not that I buy ‘cheap’ clothing, but rather that I LOVE to get a deal.  I very RARELY buy anything – especially clothes at full price!  Remember, I used to own a consignment store?  And my favorite store in the world is TJ MAXX!  Deal-o-rama!  I love the feeling of scoring an awesome deal!  Not for just anything, but for a really good quality item at an ungodly good deal.

Well, suffice it to say I didn’t buy the dress.

However, I had a great chat with the saleswoman…which lead to her giving me the store number, her extension, the fact that she usually works mornings, and the information that the store does all its markdowns on Mondays and Tuesdays.  I told her I’d call her to keep checking in on it.  It really is a fantastic and unique dress.

That’s the other thing.  I may buy the cheap basic tees (short sleeve and long sleeve) from Target – because all you need to do is add a scarf or great piece of jewelry and BAM – you look great!  BUT…I really, REALLY, like to get a piece of quality clothing that’s unique.  Something you don’t see everyday – my term is ‘not a “cookie-cutter” item’.  You know what I mean…those pieces at most department stores that look like they’ve gone through a clothing mill, stamped out a bazillion times over, and you see on a multitude of women?  Yeah…just not me.

ANYYYYYWAYYYYY… (geez, I do carry on, don’t I?)

I left the dress.


The store had up to 70% off on LOADS of their clothes and other items… {insert strangled gurgling sound}.

What did I just say yesterday?  Not buying anything unless we have the money, she says…even if it’s a great buy, she says…

Yeah.  I looked…

And I found a really cute pair of grey jeans.  (OK, so they’re plain grey jeans, but that’s why I love them…this butt is not ready for bling – it might just blind people if caught in the wrong light.)

And then I found a GREAT sweater that screams “MEEEEEEEEEE”!  OK, well, maybe the sweater didn’t scream it.  Maybe that was me.



Do I try them on?  Do I buy them?  It’s not the black dress… I shouldn’t spend the money…

I left the store and walked down to Dunham Sports to get the racquetballs I needed.

Oh shut up!

I know those of you who know me are hysterically laughing imagining me playing racquetball.  Yes, I was the kid that got a C in gym.

NO, they’re not for playing racquetball.  It’s for physical therapy for my neck…all I have to do is lay my neck on them.  Now that’s my speed.   “Ommmmmm”.  Namaste baby, Namaste.

OK, so after finding a couple deals at the sports store for Gabi (yes, they were on the absolutely needed list)…I walked back to the clothes.  They were still there.  Huh.

I grabbed the two pieces and went to the dressing room.  Hey – they may not fit anyway, right?  And then I wouldn’t have to pine away for them.

Guess what?

They fit like a glove.


OK, told myself.  If I bring them to my favorite dress lady…and she totals them up…and if they total $30…I’ll buy them!  I figured…nah…they’ll never be that much on sale.  The jeans alone were originally $69 and the sweater had been marked down to $50 (the original part of the tag was missing).  I thought…I’ll be safe…no problem.

Did I mention it was on yellow dot clearance?  Up to 70% off?

Yeah…the fabulous dress lady took all the security tags off…swiped the tags into her computer…asked me if I had the current coupon for an additional 20% off yellow dot items (which I didn’t, so she reached down and pulled one out of her stash for me)…clicked the total button…and?…$32.59.

“CLOSE ENOUGH!”  I yelled…caught up in the moment.  Heads turned, inquisitive looks looked, “oops” spoken.

I triumphantly walked out to my car.

Then I had the ride home…


Thoughts of, did I just fail my first day of “I’m going to spend less this year?”  Then thoughts of:  ‘Well…but I spent less than I would have on the dress (I was willing to pay $40ish)…and I have two pieces that I can wear in a multitude of outfits…and the dress may not go on sale for a long time yet…and then…Ahhhh – I’m such a savvy shopper.  Queen of the Buy!  (Picture me awkwardly patting myself on the back).


But I wasn’t going to buy anything…even if it was a good deal.  But…it was payday today.

No, I decided…Epic Fail.

But look…just look at this outfit!  It’s so me!  {happy sigh}

photo(the scarf is one I already had)

I’m going with…

drumroll please…

Great deal, smart purchase (as I only have 3 pairs of jeans that are comfortable enough to wear – but that’s another story – those low waist things leave muffin tops-ACK!), and good additions to my wardrobe.  And I spent less than I was going to.  OK, so I’ll try to be better next time.


I did drive right past the thrift store with hardly a glance!  Now that’s strength!


Patty O

ps…Where are all the bargains?  Herberger’s!  If you need a new wardrobe or just a few pieces and you have a little money…GO FOR IT!

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  1. hahah you remind me of me


    January 3, 2014
    • Thanks whiskeygirl! Enjoy being you! And thanks for taking the time to comment!


      January 4, 2014
  2. I think you did great 😉 Happy New Year!


    January 4, 2014
  3. Betsy #

    Patty – I will always think of you as the golden girl with the sequinned Fourth of July hat who graciously danced with Dusty all night (I am not a dancer). Love your blog – keep on dancing!!


    January 5, 2014
    • Oh Betsy, thank you for the compliments. And I had a GREAT time that night dancing with Dusty! Let me know when you come down from Canada again – I’d love to get together!


      January 5, 2014

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