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Do What You Can Do…

This picture and its saying are fantastic – a little sassy, but fantastic!

To all my fellow auto-immune disease sufferers – I say: Β Let’s raise a glass of water and toast ourselves – and to those who don’t understand and don’t want to try to understand – to heck with you!

We may take longer to do some things (work, rest, work again)…we may be more tired and achy… Read more

“Are You Sick?” “No, I’m Just Not Wearing Any Makeup.”

Yes, just like the cartoon…this happened to me.

It was many years ago, when I was young and cute, skin shiny, face thin, some might have said beautiful.

Little did I know…that was only when I wore makeup.

Ok, let’s be honest…I almost NEVER left the house without makeup.

But then there was that one day I felt lazy,

And just needed a few things from the grocery store,

And I thought “This isn’t so bad”.

I mean…no one was running away in fear when they looked at me, I must not look that bad…maybe it had all been in my head all those years.

Then I saw my brother-in-law (my now ex-brother-in-law…and no – his comment had nothing to do with the divorce!)…

Mark took one look at me with a shocked, yet caring look on his face and said (ever so gently)…

“Are you sick?”

I burst out laughing and said “No, I’m fine – I’m just not wearing any makeup!”

Internally thinking…’Hrmph – lesson learned’.

I now wear makeup whenever I leave the house.

And very rarely does anyone ever think I’m sick!

And even when I am having a bad health day – people sometimes say “You look good!”

I just smile and say Thank You…

And whisper a little prayer…”Thank you God, for makeup!”

Patty O

And Life Moves On…

Today is a day of firsts.

Not only is it May 1st…

But it is the first day for Physical Therapy on my shoulder…(EEE-OUCH)

And it is my first day as not being an owner of Secret Sisters Boutique.

Yes, you read right.

Tim and I decided it was time to take a step back.

The primary reason is the need to give my body time to heal. With one shoulder done, another very sore, and a few other issues, it’s just time.

I will miss my little shop…but my partners, Autumn and Marcia will carry on the Secret Sisters name as they have since it’s inception.

And I would like to say how much I appreciate my dear husband and daughters for putting up with me while I was on that adventure! And of course a thank you to Autumn and Marcia for inviting me to join them 5 years ago…it was a fun ride ladies!

Now, you will find me blogging more…

Playing with the babies this summer (Sam will be watching them)…

Continuing my volunteer work with Ely’s Young Life committee…

And hopefully finding more fixes…and a lot more healing…

I’m so ready for this worn out body to be good as new!

And yes, I’ll also be praying for more patience!

Remember? And then God Laughed…

Yes, well…we’ll just keep saying it as a mantra:

Dear Lord give me patience…and if I can’t have patience, please give me Grace!

I thank God for this wonderful community of people I’ve found through blogging!

Here’s to more blogging…the funny, the serious, the inspirational, the prayerful.

You get a little bit of everything with me…

Take it or leave it – but I hope you take it!

It’ll be real, it’ll be nice, it’ll be FUN! (said by Mary Jo Shively on Designing Women) πŸ™‚

Thanks for listening…

Talk more soon.

Have a great day!

Patty O

ps…thank you Pinterest for the image.

I Want Cake!

I’m casting the diet aside to celebrate…

I was going to be good.

I really was.

I made it all the way home today without stopping at McDonald’s for a large Iced Caramel Mocha…now that’s a feat! Read more

A Beautiful Foot Muscle (?)

My Neurologist told me I have a beautiful foot muscle today.

We had been discussing Peripheral Neuropathy and EMG testing and she wanted to see my feet.Β  Her assistant/student and I had a good laugh when she commented on the beauty of my foot.

We really laughed when she told us how she looks at people’s feet and thinks to herself – I’d really like to poke that foot!

For those of you now thinking that this Doctor is nuts – what she’s talking about is doing an EMG on people’s feet. Read more

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