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Prayers for Our Children

I pray…I praise…and I live a Christian life, or should I say I attempt to.  Strength in my Christianity is something I struggle with at times, and yet at the same time, my faith in prayer is always strong.

Today I want to ask you to join me in prayer for two very special children who are going through challenges.  One of these young people has become special to me even though we’ve never met, and the second is one who desperately needs the world’s prayers now, even though we haven’t even seen her face.

The first is a sweet little man whom I’ve only met through a video and yet I love him already.  For those of you who read my blog post “Red Fred Project – Join Me”, you’ve met him too. This is the quote from Dallas Graham’s Facebook page today:  (Dallas is the creative genius behind the Red Fred Project)… Guys: Our Nathan, from Red Fred Project, broke his back coming home from school today. His mom, Rachel Glad, says he seems in less pain as long as he’s on his back. Please send love, thoughts and prayers to our incredible little man, Nathan. We love you, Nathan. He has a Facebook page: Nathan Ryan Glad Foundation. Drop him a message! … Let’s all say a prayer for this little man and his family.  And if you haven’t yet, join his foundation, and join the Red Fred Project so we can meet more young people like Nathan and can give them a voice too.

The second is a little girl who desperately needs our prayers at this very moment in time.  She’s a little one year old who saw her Mom being killed by police officers in Washington D.C. yesterday.  A little girl, innocent to this world’s troubles, innocent to her Mom’s troubles that caused this horrible situation…a little girl innocent.  I pray that she be surrounded with love, I pray that she be safe, I pray that she have no memory of what happened yesterday, and I pray for her Momma…may God take her to Heaven and lay peace in her troubled heart and mind.  And may she now be a special angel for her little girl.


Patty O

Picture credit: Pinterest, Teresa Kogul

Drumroll Please!

Conversation, discussions and finally a plea brought us all to the big decision…

We have a puppy!

We’d like you to meet Castle, our new 9 week old English Setter.

His former owners were able to place all of his brothers and sisters, but he was the last of the litter.  They moved into a new place and could only keep two dogs (they already had his Mom and an English Bulldog).  So he had to go and go quickly.


They placed the Facebook ad…I happened to be looking through the ads…and the stars aligned and WHALAA! Here we are with a sweet little puppy.


Here he is sleeping on Gabi’s lap/hand on the way home.

Now I have a companion for when Tim and Gabi head back to school and all their sports.  And Castle (formerly known as Bruiser) has a new home where he can play, sleep, bark, and snuggle.  Along with…eat, drink, pee, poop, nap, eat, drink, pee, poop, nap…and on and on…

We’ve already had a few adventures including a first morning of multiple accidents in the house and a Gabi saying “Stupid Dog!”  To which Timothy responded “You weren’t very smart either when you were 9 weeks old”.  I’m sure we’ll have plenty more adventures…

Trust me…I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow the babies are coming over…now that should be fun!

Have a good evening all!  May you be as blessed as we are!

Patty O


Having Kids is like Living in a Comic Strip

Or on those really bad days…  Having kids is like being pecked to death by a killer chicken.

On any given day you can take your pick…heck, on any given moment you can take your pick!

Some days your child lays down and screams like he or she is dying…  Read more

Top 10 Things I Look Forward To…

So here it is…

My list.

The list of things I look forward to.  This list is a combination of “bucket list” items and everyday items and “someday dreams” items.  It’s not put into order by my most important item as #1, it’s more in timeline order.

As I sat down to write this list I realized there are so many more things I could put on here.  The “little things”…like watching Gabi run cross-country races this fall, or her basketball games.  Or seeing Sam off to her 2nd year at college…and the daily phone calls when she’s gone.  Or the chances I get to see Alex, Tom and my adorable grandpuppy Louis (snorts and all). Read more

Because Nice Matters

I have a plaque with this saying on it in my living room as a gentle reminder to my family.

As a Mom of three girls, one of which is 23, one 19 and one 12 (all with Fall birthdays), we have had plenty of female hormones raging in this home.  Soon we’ll have two out of the teenage years and one just beginning – whew!  Now add in this perimenopausal Momma to the mix and let’s just say this….poor Tim.  There’s a reason he loves his woodworking shop as much as he does!

But I digress…

A few of the characteristics I’ve tried to instill in my girls are empathy and kindness.  We all react to someone else’s attitude – whether it be bad or good.  Sometimes it’s all too easy to crank back at someone who’s being cranky at us (I’m just as guilty)…but if we can stop ourselves long enough to realize that we don’t know what they may be dealing with – maybe we can deal with it in a different way.  Maybe a smile, a “Have a good (or better) day”, or even a gentle touch on the arm with an “Are you OK?” can do wonders.

Sometimes all someone needs is to know someone cares.

Be that someone today.

Happy Sunday all!

Patty O

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