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Top 10 Things I Look Forward To…

So here it is…

My list.

The list of things I look forward to.  This list is a combination of “bucket list” items and everyday items and “someday dreams” items.  It’s not put into order by my most important item as #1, it’s more in timeline order.

As I sat down to write this list I realized there are so many more things I could put on here.  The “little things”…like watching Gabi run cross-country races this fall, or her basketball games.  Or seeing Sam off to her 2nd year at college…and the daily phone calls when she’s gone.  Or the chances I get to see Alex, Tom and my adorable grandpuppy Louis (snorts and all).

Writing this list has helped to bring me out of my funk.  I realized that as much as I want some of the following “big” things like the trips and my shoulders (and hips) healed.  I’m even more excited about the little things above.

I truly am blessed.

And not only do I thank God for these blessings…but I’ll thank Queen Latifah’s announcement of her upcoming show too.  It’s what inspired me to do this list!  Yes, God works in mysterious ways.

So here’s to the things we look forward to…big and small.

I highly recommend you sit and write your own list.

Have a great day!

Patty O…


Top 10 Things I Look  Forward To…

10.  Someday taking a trip to Italy with my husband…we want to take two weeks to relax and enjoy the countryside, the food and the wine.

9.  Becoming a Grandma…This won’t happen for some time (hopefully) – as Alex (23) is happily enjoying her work, bulldog puppy (Louis), and boyfriend Tom…but doesn’t have any plans for babies…yet.  Sam is 19 and in college, and Gabi is 12.  I’ll wait, excitedly, because as my girls and Tim know:  I…LOVE…BABIES!!!!  (Said like Agnes on Despicable Me when she says “IT’S SO FLUFFY!!!”

8.  Seeing my daughters get married.  There will be smiles, there will be happy tears, and there will be lots of hugs.  Definitely hugs.  The independent woman inside me is screaming in my ear that I shouldn’t be “wanting them to get married” as much as I should want them to be happy…married or not.  I do agree with this line of thinking too…I don’t believe that you have to be married to be happy…so let’s refine #8:  I look forward to my girls finding as much happiness as I have with Tim…whether they get married or not!

7.  Our 15th wedding anniversary – we plan on taking a 2nd honeymoon out to California’s wine country.  (This Christmas will be our 14th…which means this trip is next year!!!  We’d better start saving!)

6.  Christmas.  I always look forward to Christmas.  The music, decorations, the lights, wrapping the presents, buying that special something for your loved ones, celebrating the birth of our Lord, and celebrating our anniversary – yes we were married on Christmas day…our love of Christmas music is one of the reasons we were set up on a blind date!  And the Christmas cookie baking…not as much for the eating…but for the giving.  All 20 plates and 5 trays worth.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spreading a little joy and happiness through homemade treats!

5.  The Fall leaves….the colors, the wind blowing them around, the smell, the crunch under your feet as you walk.  It’s a beautiful time of year.

4.  The start of the school year.  That first few days when Tim and Gabi go to school you can find me breathing a sigh of relief and enjoying a quiet house.  (Sorry guys…but the house is mine…all mine!  Muwahahaha!)

3.  The day when my shoulders are healed and back to “normal”.  I have big dreams (ok, they may not sound so big, but having been out of commission for almost a year makes them feel big to me!)!  I want to build things, I want to paint, I want to help re-roof the garage and Tim’s workshop next summer, I want to pick up my daycare babies and dance with them.  Plans, I have plans…

2.  The weekend coming up with my jr. high school friend Jeryl!  We lost contact with each other when her family moved just before high school.  I found her a few years ago when I joined Facebook (she was the first one I looked for!)…we’ve had a few visits over the years and she’s just as funny and wonderful as ever – so it’ll be a fun, crazy weekend of catching up!

1.  Queen Latifah’s new show starting on September 16th!  I have always admired her – through all of her movies, her singing (ok, I’m not a huge fan of rap, but I still LOVE her voice), her sense of style, and her commanding – self confident presence.  From her roles in Chicago, and Last Holiday, to her comical stylings in Taxi, Joyful Noise and Hairspray, Beauty Shop, Bringing Down the House, Mad Money, and Valentine’s Day…I love them all.  These are the movies I will pull out and watch when I need a “good movie” fix.  I have long admired this diva for her “strong woman” power, and include her in my must see/hear for my 3 daughters as a great role model.  I know where I’ll be on September 16th – join me!

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