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Merry Christmas from Motzy and Louis!

Look at these two innocent little faces…

Like they’re the sweetest little puppies in the world…

Louis arrived (along with Alex and Tom) on Saturday and the two puppies ruled the house until this morning when the three of them departed for another Christmas get-together.  It was 4 days of (controlled?) chaos!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful, crazy Christmas – like the one we’ve enjoyed here!

Best wishes to all – and may God bless you with true joy and love.

Patty O

Big Louis and His Hmmm, Hmmm’s

Remember that grandpuppy of mine?

The cute little bulldog puppy that is now 7 months old?

Well, Alex and Tom decided it was time for the old snip, snip if you know what I mean, so they scheduled his appt in Ely where they’d not only neuter him, but take care of a hernia he’s had since birth.

As the time came closer I found Alex sending me a message on Facebook:  ‘Mom, can we have a going away party for Louis’ parts when we come up on Thursday?  I may need some liquid courage to get through this.’ Read more

The Big River at Kramarczuk’s

Kramarczuk’s Sausage Company, Inc. in Northeast Minneapolis runs an annual Polish Festival every Fall.  And every year they run a contest for someone to come up with a new sausage flavor to highlight at this festival.

This year the winner was my daughter, Alex! Read more

Monday’s Here…Bring on the Coffee!

Gasp…Gasp…crawling out of the weekend into another week…

Lots accomplished this weekend.  Garden harvested and cleaned out, fall decorations up, spray painted new/old goodies and furniture, birthday dinner and cake for Miss Alex, sewed in some clothes (for Gabi), cleaned up the house…etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

And, Alex, Tom and Louis came up Thursday night for a visit!  Mr. Louis had surgery (snip, snip…and hernia) on Friday with our favorite vet, Jen.  He was quite a trooper and back to normal by Saturday afternoon.  More stories to follow, of course as he and Motzy had loads of fun.

And…while they were here, Tom and Alex helped Tim put in our new fire pit and dig out an old sidewalk.  Tim and I jokingly called it the sidewalk to nowhere…it didn’t go all the way to the shop, and it didn’t match up with the garage door.  Gone, gone, gone!

There was a bonfire, toasted marshmallows, a game of Horse in the dark (with a light up basketball).  There were naps (ok, not by me…), visiting with the babies, and more craziness sprinkled throughout the weekend.

Pictures of the harvest, fall decorations, recipes, maybe a little story of the sewing swear session (I hate sewing machines), and more to come.

Sorry for the absence, this blogging thing takes a lot of time and I’ve had ENERGY.  More energy than I’ve had in a year…guessing it’s a thyroid thing…whooo heeeee!

Talk more soon!

Patty O

Thank you to Women Get it Free for sharing the photo!

Blue Ribbons at the Minnesota State Fair!


We just spent a couple of days at the fair and besides it being incredibly HOT it was incredibly FUN!

There was food and rides and dogs and projects and grandstands and bands and bazaars and marts and henna tattoos and food and more food on a stick!  Ooh – and strawberry smoothies!  And there was the 4H building which housed so many beautiful and brilliant projects, it made your head spin!

One of those projects belonged to my very own daughter…Miss Gabi.  As you can see by the picture, it was a wonderful drawing – which she did while participating in the local Art Club run by one of our local artists, Shaun Chosa.  An extremely talented man with not only a heart for art, but a heart for kids.  He brings both together for our community through this wonderful program that he’s developed for local students.  Our local school district, unfortunately, had cut the arts classes a few years ago, so he took it upon himself to encourage their creativity.

But I digress…

Gabi, as most of you have already heard (or read), had brought home 12 blue ribbons and 4 red from the County Fair.  She then had the opportunity to choose one from a few different categories to take to the State Fair.  She loved this drawing the most, so off we went.

Thank heavens for our dear friend Jan, who along with her daughter Cari (and the story she wrote), drove us down for a couple of days of fun and judging.  Cari, by the way, is Gabi’s best bud.  To add to the fun, Jan’s other daughter Kelsey came with and let’s see….how do I put it?  Added a definite flair for fun!  Jan will never allow the two of us to ride in a car together again!  (Somehow through all this I now have a new nickname…Gladys.  But I told them if I’m Gladys that makes them “The Pips”!)

Again, I digress…

The result of the crazy and fun days…

Both Gabi and Cari won blue ribbons!  Whooohooooo!  We’re very proud of these girls!

Needless to say, they’re already working on projects for next year’s fairs…stay tuned!

Patty O

ps….I also took a few hours to get a Louis the Grandpuppy fix!  Errr…I mean an oldest daughter Alex and her boyfriend Tom fix!  🙂

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