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An ‘Ode to Mom & Dad’

My parents were known for their outside Christmas decorations.  They’d have people come from all over and stop on the highway to take pictures.  We used to laugh because they kept expanding them…I remember telling them ‘you can’t decorate their whole 40 acres!’.  They’d light up every tree and they lit up the entire house. Then they started adding the big plastic Christmas decorations outside.  And adding…and adding…and adding.

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A Muddy (room) Christmas

Northern Minnesota Weather Report:

Cloudy with a slight chance of snow.

With only a couple of inches on the ground, the locals are disappointed and starting to grumble.

There’s open water on some of the lakes, Ice Fishermen can’t fish, Skiers can’t ski, Sled Dogs can’t pull their sleds.  Even some of us that aren’t outdoor sports people are missing the snow!  It’s hard to believe it’s mid-December and we don’t have at least 2 feet of snow!

However, it hasn’t stopped me from indoor activities…on to the Mudroom Decorations! Read more

What’s Red, White & Green and Makes Me Happy?

My living room at Christmastime!

It’s been a busy week, but I can officially say that I’ve used ALL of our Christmas decorations this year!  And that’s quite a feat, considering just how much we have!

Last year my health got in the way of doing much decorating, so a sense of triumph fills my heart!

Today I’ll share pictures of my living room.  This is the one place in our house where we all gather and relax in the evenings. Read more

It’s Time For Some Silly Fun

So, I went into a fun little gift/clothing store/spa on Tuesday to buy a little birthday gift for a friend.

Of course, while I was there, I enjoyed looking at all the fun goodies they carry and before I left a friend came in to start her work shift.  This friend, Bailey, is a young woman I met through my daughter…actually a friend of hers…who then became a friend of mine!

Bailey is one of those crazy fun, interesting and fantastic people who you can’t help but laugh with when you’re around her.  Our topic of laughter was a new fashionable piece of clothing they had at the store.

I just couldn’t resist, I HAD TO try it on.

Yes, it was just Christmas…and yes, we overspent again this year.  But a few of the sweaters I’d purchased off Zulily didn’t fit, so I resold them to friends and decided I could spend a portion of the money on something different for me.

What did I find when I tried it on?  I LOVED IT!

IT being a Slip Dress Tutu!  And it was 25% off!

Bailey saw me in it and decided if I bought the pink one, she’d get the black one.

I put it on hold for a night.  (OK, along with a GREAT sweater that had a deer head in a frame on the front and cute black buttons all the way down the back.  It was 1/2 price.)

The next day I went to work, doing all the grown up things I do…spreadsheets, expenses, year-end reports (aaaaaahhhhh!).  After that I got a call from a friend and had a very adult/sad conversation.  Which brought me to my next stop…The Pebble Spa (the store holding my silly tutu dress).

I debated…should I skip it?  I’m way too old to dress like that anyway.  But it was fun…it made me feel like a kid again…young, carefree, like I could skip through the park with all my favorite little friends (kids).

I made myself go in and try it on one more time.

And it happened again.

I went from being this serious adult to feeling like a young girl again.

I bought it right then and there.  I left the sweater behind so as not to overspend.  See?  I had an adult moment there.

And today was the day.

The day I decided to stop being a serious adult…that has dealt with far too many serious situations since I was little…and feel like a kid again.

I had to take a picture for you, since some of you who know me personally wouldn’t believe it without a visual.



As I skip to my car to go to work.

I hope you had a great day like I did!

Patty O…

Feeling fun and fabulous at 48!


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The Deal: Stocking Up on Christmas Supplies

Yesterday, Tim and I drove our middle daughter back to college…it was a fun trip with a some laughs and a nice chance to spend some time with just her.

We stopped to pick up some groceries for her at Target and, low and behold, they still had some Christmas items on clearance…I assumed they’d all be sold by now! I’m not one to travel to the stores for after Christmas sales, you see we live at least an hour away from a Target or a mall.

I made sure our daughter had dinner items in her cart to get her through at least the next few days (you see it’s supposed to be ungodly cold…down to -70 with the wind chill). (Hibernating weather) The governor even closed all public schools for tomorrow! Read more

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