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My Dog Tried to Wear My Underwear

And here we go again…

My crazy life.

This morning I was following my normal routine…shower, dry off, start getting dressed…and that’s when it happened.


Seriously, who else would have this happen to them?

OK…picture this…

I’m out of the shower…dried off…sitting on our chair in the bathroom and about to put my underwear on…one leg in…………………………………………….and Motzy decided to join me.

Literally. Read more

Fire Me Now! Please!

So….I was being a good puppy Mom and Wife when I told Tim on Saturday “I’ll take Sunday morning!”  Since he’d taken puppy duty on Saturday a.m. and Motzy had gotten up at 5.  After all, we should take turns shouldn’t we?

Yeah, well…I hear Motzy at 3 a.m.

He’s never gotten up before 5 since we got him!


Ok, fine – out we go and he does his duty.  We come back in and I lie on the couch while he runs around the living room playing with his toys and by 3:30 he’s lying down to sleep.

{insert fist pump}

I scoot him into his kennel and head back to bed.

The next wakeup call was at 6:07.

Out we go again, duties done, back in, and on the couch I go…and off goes Motzy to play with his toys.  At this point I’m exhausted.  Needless to say I zonked out.  Literally. I finally wake up all of a sudden at 7:20 as he decides to join me on the couch.  I look around (after escaping puppy licks that have now wiped my face clean) and find what you see in the picture behind one of our chairs.

Instant thought…”Huh…I’m so fired from this puppy watch duty”.


Then it occurred to me that this may not be such a bad thing!

I clean up his mess and put him in his kennel (as he was falling back to sleep) and sneak back to bed.  I barely get laid back down and  he starts whining and barking again.


All I can think is, “I must really love this dog” and head back out where I take him out of his kennel and lay back down on the couch.

What happens next?

I’m sure you can see it coming…

Motzy joined me and fell asleep on the end of the couch.

I guess he loves me too.



Have a great Sunday everyone!

Patty O

ps…I promise I will write about subjects other than my dog!

A Multi-Talented Puppy

Yes, yes he is.  We are proud to announce that Motsy can multi-task.

Not only can he eat, sleep, pee and poop.

Run, sit, lie down, and shake hands/paws.

But as he chased a ball throughout the house today, he quite skillfully proved how talented he is.

Ready for it?

Are you sure?

Really sure?

OK, fine, here it is…

He can run and pee at the same time!!!

Yay us!

{insert eyeroll}

Nice little zig-zag pattern right from the kitchen cupboard to the kitchen steps.


{Thunk…Palm to forehead}

Yup, talent.  My dog has talent.

{insert another eyeroll}

I love my dog, I love my dog, I love my dog!

(I chant as I meditate while Motsy crawls on my lap.)


Patty O

One Sneaky Pup

Look at that face!  Gabi was snapping shots and went in for a close-up.  There’s something very Jimmy Durante-esque about it, don’t you think?

Remember that adorable little puppy we brought home?

He goes by lots of names…Motzy, Mozzarella, Motzaball, The Piddler, Sneak, amongst a few others that I probably shouldn’t put in writing.

Here’s the perfect example of just what a little sneak he is…


These are Gabi’s Crocs which, as you can tell, Motzy loves.  I snapped this picture and then turned away.  This is what I found when I turned back…


Uh-huh.  You guessed it.  All I had to do was go peek behind our overstuffed chair and TA-DAAAA!  Look who I caught:


Boy he loves chewing on those Crocs!  They must have just the right amount of chewiness for his sharp little puppy teeth!  Little bugger.

A couple more snapshots that Gabi took…


This is the “How cute am I?” pose.

And then there’s the “Are you catching this one?” look:



And last but not least, the little Prince on his (our) pillow:



He won’t fit on it for long!  He’s already getting bigger – and more spots are showing up daily!

Thanks for putting up with my puppy pictures…he’s quite a character!

Patty O




Drumroll Please!

Conversation, discussions and finally a plea brought us all to the big decision…

We have a puppy!

We’d like you to meet Castle, our new 9 week old English Setter.

His former owners were able to place all of his brothers and sisters, but he was the last of the litter.  They moved into a new place and could only keep two dogs (they already had his Mom and an English Bulldog).  So he had to go and go quickly.


They placed the Facebook ad…I happened to be looking through the ads…and the stars aligned and WHALAA! Here we are with a sweet little puppy.


Here he is sleeping on Gabi’s lap/hand on the way home.

Now I have a companion for when Tim and Gabi head back to school and all their sports.  And Castle (formerly known as Bruiser) has a new home where he can play, sleep, bark, and snuggle.  Along with…eat, drink, pee, poop, nap, eat, drink, pee, poop, nap…and on and on…

We’ve already had a few adventures including a first morning of multiple accidents in the house and a Gabi saying “Stupid Dog!”  To which Timothy responded “You weren’t very smart either when you were 9 weeks old”.  I’m sure we’ll have plenty more adventures…

Trust me…I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow the babies are coming over…now that should be fun!

Have a good evening all!  May you be as blessed as we are!

Patty O


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