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Dear God…Sometimes Life Just Kinda Stinks

Today was one of those days, and no, this is NOT an April Fool’s Day joke.

We’ve been dealing with anger issues with Motzy lately.  He would do really well…and then suddenly snarl at one of us.

We tried everything…reprimanding him, putting him in his kennel for a timeout, and anything else you can imagine.   We even had our own private Veterinary advisor Jen – the daycare baby’s Mom.  She talked us through many ideas for training and disciplining him.

But today we had to say goodbye.

He went after Gabi last Thursday night when she was doing nothing more than snuggling with him – like they had every night for the past 7 months.  He left 8 indents on her hands along with a couple scrapes.  He didn’t break skin, but she froze in fear.  Motzy was immediately put in his kennel where we didn’t hear a peep from him until morning.

Today he went after me twice.  This morning leaving a few teeth indents on my hand and this afternoon I was saved by his cone.  He has snarled at us before and had attempted to bite but hadn’t connected.  We had him neutered on Friday with the hope that it might help things.  Unfortunately it didn’t, he actually was worse.

We had to make the decision today, and even though we knew we absolutely couldn’t have a dog that snapped at any of us or the two little daycare babies, it was still hard to say goodbye.  He was the sweetest dog 95% of the time.  But we couldn’t take a chance on the other 5%, especially with his episodes escalating.

I told Gabi before we left that maybe this was just all part of God’s plan.  Maybe Motzy has a wonderful new home to go to where he’ll be able to do all the things English Setters are supposed to do – go bird hunting and get lots of exercise each day.   Maybe that owner wouldn’t have been able to take him when he was a pup.  Maybe we were supposed to give him lots of love for 7 months so that he could eventually meet up with his permanent owner.

For now Jen was able to find a foster home.  She’s hoping to find him a permanent home soon.  I imagine a farm where maybe he could live in a barn and run free.

But for today, we kissed him goodbye and told him how much we loved him.  He’s spending the night at the Vet Clinic awaiting his ride.

Whatever God’s plan may be for Motzy, or for us…

Sometimes life just kinda stinks.

Patty O

My Dog Ate My Glasses

I now know that this is not a unique event.  Many people I have complained to have shared stories of their own wonder dogs eating their glasses.  I even had one person come back with “Well at least he didn’t eat your dentures!”  Suffice it to say, if I had dentures I would be REALLY unhappy.

As it was, when I came out of the shower to find Motzy laying on the rug chomping away, I wasn’t happy.  Of course I couldn’t see what he was crunching on since I wasn’t wearing my glasses, thus I bent down, nose almost to the floor, to find out what he had.  I’m sure the shrill in my voice and the look on my face, instantly notified Motzy he’d done something wrong.

I think my first comment was “How could you do this Motzy?”, voice rising with each word.  Like he was really going to look at me and say ‘Well, remember that time you took the dirty diaper from me?  Yeah, this is payback baby.’  (You can find that story here:  A Dirty Diaper, 4 Pens and 2 Christmas Ornaments)  Don’t doubt my language abilities, there were definitely more than a few expletives spoken that day…sigh…sorry Lord, I think I may have even taken your name in vain a time or two.

Thankfully I’d saved my last couple pairs of glasses (you never know when you’re dog might eat them).  But think now, do you remember why you got new glasses?  Was it (A) because you didn’t like the look anymore?  Or (B) because you needed an upgrade (or downgrade) to bifocals?  Or (C) could it be both?  Yes, just go ahead and circle letter C.   I’ve been waiting ever-so-NOT-patiently for the new ones to arrive…as I raise my old glasses to the top of my head so I can read something close…and slip them back down when I want to see anything even remotely far away.  Up…down…up…down…


And just why did I tease my Mom so many years ago when we were at church and she couldn’t see her hymnal?  I even held my hymnal really…far…away, in an attempt to help her see…I thought I was just so funny.  Yup, she’s having herself a REALLY good laugh up in Heaven right about now!

Here’s to a bright, beautiful weekend…I hope you can see it better than I can!

Patty O

A Dirty Diaper, 4 Pens, and 2 Christmas Ornaments

Add in a cell phone, a pair of Crocs, a pair of fleece slippers, multiple dog toys, baby toys, a brand new baby sippy cup and a Lip Balm…and you have the cumulative list of what Motzy has eaten to date.

Motzy (short for Motzaball) for those of you who haven’t met him, is our 7 month old English Setter.

He’s a beautiful boy who can be very sweet; laying on my feet, snuggling and laying on my computer keyboard (while I work on it – yeah, love that one).

OK but back to the eating thing…

Let’s talk about a few…

Christmas ornament #1: Remember those huge Christmas sales I told you about? Well, I hit another one last week and found the most beautiful red cloth cardinals to put in the tree or use as décor…I put them on the counter – far enough back – or so I thought. I had to run pickup Gabi and you can guess what I found when I got back. Beautiful red cardinal parts throughout the house. More than a few expletives may have escaped my mouth at that moment (poor Gabi and her sweet little ears).


We swore that he’d eaten an entire lip balm and a pen (cases and all). Thankfully we found the pen case pushed into the couch (he’d hidden the evidence) and then a day later we found the lip balm case in the driveway. A breathed a sigh of relief as I had been a little concerned about how these items might escape him, if you know what I mean.


Christmas ornament #2: There was a day after Christmas that Miss Sam was left with Motzy. Let’s just say he’s not her favorite dog. I arrived home to her telling me “Your stupid dog ate a Christmas ornament…a GLASS one!!!” I looked at her with a smirk and said “Well, he’ll be shittin’ shards!” OK, I was kidding, and that’s not the type of thing that flies out of my mouth. Thankfully he didn’t actually eat it – we found the pieces later, but it was a funny moment…darn that quirky sense of humor.

OK, now for the really gross item.

Yes, he ate a dirty diaper…and I mean a REALLY dirty diaper – a 20 month old’s poo.


OK…I have to say this first – THIS WAS NOT MY FAULT! The Baby Mama (the daycare babies Momma) had been here for lunch, changed the babies diaper and put it on the garage floor.

OK…now before you wonder why on earth she’d put it there, remember I live in the tundra. -22 today with the wind chill. I reuse a plastic grocery bag and place it on the workshop’s door (which is just outside our man door to the garage). This is where I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I put the dirty diapers. And Baby Mama knows that, but there was a sled and skates (donation for a local auction) hiding it. So, she put it on the floor.

OK, here’s my bad…I didn’t see it there…and I let Motzy out to go potty…and I still didn’t see it there when he ran in and I saw him grab ‘something’ on his way in. I thought nothing of it, thinking it was a leaf, or piece of paper, who knows?

Well…he went running for the dining room with his ‘treasure’ and I went back to reading books to the babies. (We were having a major reading fest – I think we went through almost a dozen books.) I finished with one book and started into the next one when I smelled poop. I looked at the baby and said “Pe-uuu – you stink” (in a silly voice). Went on reading and finally stopped and said “Holy cow are you ninky!” She just silently looked up at me and smiled (which she usually does when she’s pooped). So…we finished the last book and I looked in her diaper and realized she hadn’t……….at that same moment I realized Motzy had not shown his face this entire time…….and that sinking feeling hit.

We start for the dining room as I say “MOTZYYYYYYYY – what do you have?” And it still hadn’t dawned on me that he might have a dirty diaper.

We arrive in the dining room and I see him laying on the floor with a piece of something in his mouth. I reach down and take it from him, along with about 5 other small scraps (we’re talking maybe 2″x4″ size) and I say “what on earth do you have?”

{huge sigh – which turns into a MOTZYYYYYY – OH GROSS – YOU ATE A DIRTY DIAPER!!!}

And I mean a WHOLE dirty diaper…with the exception of 6 small scraps. Those of you who have had babies know just how big and full those diapers can get. Those little beads inside that soak up all the babies messes. And my dog has just eaten it all… {gag}

Picture this, the babies are behind me watching intently as this scene unfolds. Motzy is looking up at me while he lays in the little bit of baby poop and few beads of diaper that are left on my dining room floor. I can feel my head about to explode with disgust – my stomach churns – and the smell of baby poo is now burned into my nose.


I shepherd the babies into the living room and tell them to “STAY!” Motzy is thrown (ok, wishful thinking) – put outside. And I head back to the dining room with Clorox wipes and paper towels. I think the silent words ‘damn dog, damn dog, damn dog’ ran through my mind.

A little while later, Baby Mama called me to say she was on her way to pick up the girls…we talked for a little bit and I said “Oh, by the way, you’re FIRED!” (said jokingly). She said “What?” laughing. So I told her what Motzy had done…what does she say next? NOTHING! She was laughing too hard! She laughed…and laughed…and laughed. And when she stopped laughing she said “That’s a new one, I’ve never had to deal with that before!” Silently I think “Oh, I’m so glad I can provide you with a first” as my eyes rolled. She said “we can make him throw up”. Do I need to even write my response? OK, here it is: “Ohhh, I think I’ll let you take care of that!” Which she did…poor Motzy…POOR Baby Mama! Again, GROSSSSSS! (ps…remember she’s a Veterinarian.)

Oh…I almost forgot…the baby did give me a superior little look throughout this with a devilish smirk on her face. I could see her thoughts going through her head…”And you thought it was me…hahahaha (small little evil laugh while throwing her head back).”

We’re not even going to discuss the other items. These four are bad enough.

If you have or have ever had a puppy, you may be able to relate. I love my puppy…90% of the time. The other 10% of the time you can find me pulling my hair out and swearing silently while cleaning up or throwing away his latest victim.


Patty O

ps…doesn’t he look just so sweet and innocent in this picture? (Grrrr…)

Merry Christmas from Motzy and Louis!

Look at these two innocent little faces…

Like they’re the sweetest little puppies in the world…

Louis arrived (along with Alex and Tom) on Saturday and the two puppies ruled the house until this morning when the three of them departed for another Christmas get-together.  It was 4 days of (controlled?) chaos!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful, crazy Christmas – like the one we’ve enjoyed here!

Best wishes to all – and may God bless you with true joy and love.

Patty O

Motzy Wants to Snuggle Too! (commence screaming)

And so I sit here this morning…comfortably on my couch, holding the one-year old and the three-year old.  And Motzy is sitting on the other end of the couch, tail wagging.

You’re thinking he’s going to walk over and join us, don’t you?



…and wrong.

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