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Motzy Wants to Snuggle Too! (commence screaming)

And so I sit here this morning…comfortably on my couch, holding the one-year old and the three-year old.  And Motzy is sitting on the other end of the couch, tail wagging.

You’re thinking he’s going to walk over and join us, don’t you?



…and wrong.

OK, here we go again…another Motzy story.  Picture this… (starting with above)

All of a sudden the nice, calm snuggling of the two babies is SHATTERED by a dog attack…from ABOVE!

Motzy, in all his puppy craziness, decided to climb onto the top of the couch (which he’s never done before) and attack from above!  He literally had climbed above my head and pounced on ALL of us!

There was yelling.  There were arms flailing everywhere.  There were paws swimming in a sea of arms flailing everywhere.  There was a tail wagging away.  There were faces squishing up and heads turning to try to avoid all the flailing and wagging.  And I found myself yelling “Stay down Elena – stay down!”…as I shoved Motzy over her onto the other side of the couch again.  I have no doubt it was quite a sight to behold.  One adult, two children and a dog…all in a pile…of flailing.

Dear God…what was I thinking, getting a puppy just before Tim and Gabi went back to school and I would be taking care of the daycare babies alone?

I may need to start another blog…”Adventures with Motzy”, or maybe “Motzy is Driving Me Insane”, or better yet “Motzy, the Leopard Underwear Wearin’-Baby Lovin’-Croc Eatin’ Dog”.  What do you think?

What’s he doing now?  Yes, you guessed it…laying on the other end of the couch…sound asleep.

Little bugger.

Oh well, I’m on my end eating M & M’s and about to get a glass of wine.

Huh, Huh, Huh…who’s got it good now?

Me, baby.  I earned this chocolate and vino today!

Uh oh…I forgot to tell their Momma about today’s adventures…oops.  I hope they don’t have nightmares tonight, I can just see it now:  flying English Setter…AAAAAAAAHHHHH MOMMYYYYYY!

Hmmm.  Maybe I’d better give her a call.

Signing off…for now.

Patty O

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