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My Dog Ate My Glasses

I now know that this is not a unique event.  Many people I have complained to have shared stories of their own wonder dogs eating their glasses.  I even had one person come back with “Well at least he didn’t eat your dentures!”  Suffice it to say, if I had dentures I would be REALLY unhappy.

As it was, when I came out of the shower to find Motzy laying on the rug chomping away, I wasn’t happy.  Of course I couldn’t see what he was crunching on since I wasn’t wearing my glasses, thus I bent down, nose almost to the floor, to find out what he had.  I’m sure the shrill in my voice and the look on my face, instantly notified Motzy he’d done something wrong.

I think my first comment was “How could you do this Motzy?”, voice rising with each word.  Like he was really going to look at me and say ‘Well, remember that time you took the dirty diaper from me?  Yeah, this is payback baby.’  (You can find that story here:  A Dirty Diaper, 4 Pens and 2 Christmas Ornaments)  Don’t doubt my language abilities, there were definitely more than a few expletives spoken that day…sigh…sorry Lord, I think I may have even taken your name in vain a time or two.

Thankfully I’d saved my last couple pairs of glasses (you never know when you’re dog might eat them).  But think now, do you remember why you got new glasses?  Was it (A) because you didn’t like the look anymore?  Or (B) because you needed an upgrade (or downgrade) to bifocals?  Or (C) could it be both?  Yes, just go ahead and circle letter C.   I’ve been waiting ever-so-NOT-patiently for the new ones to arrive…as I raise my old glasses to the top of my head so I can read something close…and slip them back down when I want to see anything even remotely far away.  Up…down…up…down…


And just why did I tease my Mom so many years ago when we were at church and she couldn’t see her hymnal?  I even held my hymnal really…far…away, in an attempt to help her see…I thought I was just so funny.  Yup, she’s having herself a REALLY good laugh up in Heaven right about now!

Here’s to a bright, beautiful weekend…I hope you can see it better than I can!

Patty O

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  1. LOL! Love them, but one of the reasons why we don’t have pets. Enjoyable read.


    March 16, 2014
    • Thank you! I do love the little pooch…I just can’t wait for these teenage years to pass!


      March 16, 2014

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