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Do Yew Know Responsabiwity?

Our favorite two little girls came over for a visit today.

Their Mom and Dad were busy running the Wolf Track Classic Dogsled Race here in Ely.  It’s a mere 60 miles which I’m sure there dogs thought was a walk in the park.

It’s amazing to watch these dogs and their excitement as they pull up to the starting line.


Those dogs are hopping, jumping, barking, and croaking!  (OK, hahaha, I had to throw the croaking in there because one of their dogs is named Frog and he literally sounds like one!)  Here’s the YouTube video link: Read more

“Why’s His Head Out There?”

Best almost-4-year-old quote ever.

I bought these little hangers a couple of years ago at IKEA.  At the time I thought they’d be cute little person hangers for their coats, and since the little people I watch have 88 sled dogs, what better hangers than doggie butts?

It wasn’t until I cleared them off yesterday (of extra scarves, mitten, hats) that Elena really noticed them.

And yes, that was her first question.  “Why’s his head out there?”

Of course it was said with all the cuteness you can imagine in a sarcastic almost-4-year-old tone…insinuating that I was doing something wrong, or obviously stupid as I put their heads outside.


I just love a little person’s perspective.

As I told her Mom the story after work, I was told another funny story involving Miss E.  Her Dad had taken her and her sister on a road trip to visit their cousins (and to pick up his deer head mount).  You can see it coming right?  On the way home, the little Miss says “Dad, he’s lookin’ at me!”

Then a few moments later adds “Dad, can he blink?”


Have a good day!  And if you’re not – make it better by looking at things through the eyes of a child!

Patty O

ps…Now remember when you look at this picture…I AM a thankfully imperfect woman, so NO I did not clean the door or wall before taking the picture, and YES that’s weather-stripping in the door, and YES it ends before it hits the floor…don’t ask me…I don’t have a clue.  That’s my husband’s department!

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