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Soakin’ In The Sun At 25 Degrees

For any of you that don’t live in Northern Minnesota – you’re going to think I’m nuts.  And maybe I am!  But after the coldest winter in MN history (since something like 1917) and a stretch of overcast, gloomy days –  I NEEDED SUN!

I peeked out at my deck this afternoon and saw the tiniest of walkways open by the house, so I pulled open the sliding glass door and looked out.  Low and behold, in what is probably the ugliest (but sunniest) outside corner of our house, was a piece of deck completely clear!

A fist pump, a ‘YES’ and a quick run to my garage for a lawn chair and I was about ready.  OK, so this chair isn’t in the best shape ever with a broom handle holding the bottom together and paint on the arm.  Let’s just say it’s well-worn.  Besides, I love that my sister-in-law Jane made it years ago for my husband.  It would aptly serve it’s purpose for today.

I quick grabbed my book and out I went.

Sitting and soaking up the sun.

The temperature outside was 25 degrees…above zero.  Nothing like the many days below zero (like down to -50) we’ve had this winter!

Was I in my swimsuit?  No.  I opted for my yoga pants, fleece jacket and scarf.

Did I care?  No.

Thank God for sunshine…warm sunshine.  The kind that makes you feel alive again.  That makes you realize just what a compliment the writer of the song “You Are My Sunshine” was giving as he sang it to his loved one!  Yes, I am a romantic, in my mind I picture him writing as his little child peacefully drifts off to sleep.

I’m leaving my little chair there.  I have high hopes for this weather.  I may be a bit delusional right now considering there’s a Winter Weather Advisory out for tomorrow saying we will get more snow, but I’m leaving my little chair there.

I’ll be back little chair.

And you and I will lap up some more sunshine together.


You are my sunshine…my only sunshine…you make me happy…when skies are gray…you’ll never know dear…how much I love you…please don’t take my sunshine away… (she sings softly to herself as she smiles, eyes closed, face turned up into the sun).

Oh!  Just in case you’re wondering, we have lots of snow left.  This is what I was looking at when I didn’t have my face pointing up:

photo 1

It’s the little things in life that help us survive the big things (like 6 foot snowdrifts in March with more snow on the way)…

Patty O

ps…I say it’s the ugliest outside corner of our house because, as you can see, it has the fireplace vent and the dryer vent, complete with fuzzy lint blown out – and NO I didn’t clean it up before I sat down or before I took the picture!

A Touch of Spring!

I’ve decided that I’m not waiting for Mother Nature to change the seasons.  I swear the old broad is on vacation and left Jack Frost in charge.  Although, I admit, we are finally in somewhat of a warm up.  We actually hit 50 degrees ABOVE zero the other day (instead of 50 BELOW)!  Most of our days are above zero now…20’s and 30’s.  This has been the coldest winter here since 1917!

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I needed at least one bright sunshiny spot in my house that would brighten up our moods…so, coupon in hand, I visited TJ Maxx.  I found a fantastic set of towels in what I would call Spring Green, and of course, I had to buy one for each of us (5), plus two hand towels, and two wash cloths.  I’m a bit of towel snob, I have to admit it.  I LOVE big plush towels!  Now here’s the deal…TJ’s is the best place to get a deal on them!  The total for everything was approx. $47.  But hold on…I also had $20 of TJ cash (which they send you when you use their credit card to pay)…So I only paid $27!  Whoohoo!  Now don’t forget if you get a TJ card – pay it off the same month so you’re not paying any extra fees!  Win-win!

I only took a couple of pictures of my Spring bathroom as the other side of the room isn’t nearly as exciting.  Here’s one with the towels:


The big bright floral picture was another TJ find from a couple of years ago – $9.99.  It’s traveled all around the house, now landing here.

The sign is one I usually put by the entry in the garage in a cute little vignette, but this is one of the Spring highlights.  Do you remember playing this game with your friend when you were little?  We’d sing and do a clapping game:  ‘See see oh playmate, come out and play with me, and bring your dollies three, climb up my apple tree, slide down my rain barrel, climb up my cellar door, and we’ll be jolly friends, forevermore, more, more, more, more, more!’  This is one of my sweetest childhood memories!

On to the colorful candles in the candle holders, these have been up for many years, I just keep changing out the candles in different colors (watch for sales).  I bought some chain from the local hardware store and spray painted it so it would blend in with the wall – giving the ‘floating candle effect’.  Then I added a little bucket of faux daisies to the windowsill (we received this as a wedding present 14 years ago) and Waalaa!  I love it!

Sunshine, flowers and bright colors – even when there’s still dirty snow outside!  🙂

Treat yourself to something bright – even if it’s a single bright-colored flower in a vase!  It’s amazing what a mood boost it can be!

Patty O

ps…I know you all noticed the garbage can in the bathtub…that’s the only place we can put it so Motzy won’t it eat.  AND, yes there’s dirty laundry in the basket too.  I’m really trying to make sure you feel at home (hahaha).  Yes, thankfully imperfect.

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Spring is Springing!

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The snow piles are shrinking (I think we’re down to 3 1/2 feet now)!

I think we even hit 35 degrees today!

You can almost see my vegetable garden again…


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