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The mouse, the Fudge Fluff, and Ronald

I’m a cheap date.

I really am.

Would I like the whole expensive dinner, dancing, a little blingy gift type of date?

Well, heck yes…I certainly wouldn’t turn it down.

However, I’m just as happy renting a movie, snuggling with my honey on the couch with a cheap glass of wine and a fudge fluff cookie.

But God forbid you mess with my fudge fluff cookies.  Ok, well my family can…I’ll even share, most of the time.

But not with a mouse.

You see I realized there was a mouse in the house two days ago.  Thanks to it’s lovely little dropping it left behind after obviously snacking on a leftover crumb or two of toast … on my counter.

LYSOL Anti-bacterial wipes!!!

Counter was promptly cleaned and husband informed of necessary mouse trap placement.

Yes well, my wonderful, incredible husband forgot to put out the mouse traps last night.

And yes well, me and my incredible memory forgot to put the fudge fluffs in the cabinet…or in a bag for that matter…and they stayed on the counter last night…

Yes, well, you guessed it.  The mouse got to the fudge fluffs.

Not just one fudge fluff mind you…

Not just two fudge fluffs…

But all three of the fudge fluffs had nibbles off of them!!!  This means WAR!

And yet, I’m a little concerned that maybe just one mouse didn’t eat off all three of the cookies…

Maybe there’s a whole army of mice.  And maybe they just marched right up there onto my counter and had themselves a little fudge fluff party…dancing, rejoicing, helping themselves to my cookies.  Ok, maybe my mind is getting away from me.

In any case, I hope it, or they, got a belly ache.  Because the game is on baby.

Who needs peanut butter on a mouse trap?  I have leftover, somewhat nibbled on fudge fluffs.

Well…I have two.

My father-in-law accidentally ate one while he was over here this morning painting some trim for me.


In my defense, I was not here…and I’d kept them to take a picture for this blog!  And I would have thought he’d have noticed that there were lots of nibble marks on the darn things!

Oh poor Ronald.  This is how life is for Ronald.

I affectionately call him Eeyore.  Ok, not to his face.  But he kind of wanders around with that “Thanks for noticin’ me” look.

I love that man.

I’d share my Fudge Fluff cookies with him anytime.

Preferably the non-mouse eaten ones though.

Patty O

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  1. autumn cole #

    Love your blogs. Never knew they could be soo entertaining. Yes you must capitalize on your writing prowess!

    Sent from my iPhone


    January 30, 2013
    • Thanks Autumn! I’m having way too much fun with this little project of mine. I always said I lived in a comic strip…now I can share it!


      January 30, 2013
  2. Oh how I empathize!! Fitty always forgets the traps. We borrowed a “humane” one from my ex, and lo and behold two little mice trapped in the cage next morning, Not very humane when I made Fitty go and drown them, but seriously, if they were let go near our home, they’d soon have found their way back. So into the bucket they went! As for putting things away? They are James Bond/MacGyver mice in Australia, we’d need an underground concrete bunker to keep them out of the food!!


    January 30, 2013
  3. Anonymous #

    OMG Patty!! I just read this Mom and we are sitting here cackling!!!


    January 30, 2013
  4. Jan #

    I want to know more about these great cookies!


    January 31, 2013

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