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OK MEN…move along…go to the next blog…this one’s not for you.

Unless you want to know what really goes on in a woman’s mind during the lovely process we affectionately call menopause.

If that word alone doesn’t send up the flares for you, let me reword it…MEN-O-PAUSE!

Get it?

Pause before you speak men…or smile…definitely don’t smirk!

Keep your eyes down…move along…keep walking.

Unless she yells STOP!

Then just acknowledge with a “Yes, Dear” to every question.

How on earth, do you say, could such a young woman such as myself have this insight?


I told you…eyes down!

Yup.  It’s that time.

I’m flashing…I’m CRABBY…I want to smack somebody.

And I’m not a physical person!!!  Really!  Read my last blog!

You’d think there was a bit of a halo over my head!

Well, let me tell you…that halo’s tilted today!

Here I was … going through my day … actually having a nice little day … when, WHAM!

I’ve been able to laugh about the hot flashes and other symptoms up until now, but where on earth did the crabbiness come from?

Oh….I know…I really do…but I’m not sure just how much I want to share on this here blog…

You women that have been through it know…

We just all of a sudden go a little crazy…

I used to read about it and think…no…I’m fairly even tempered…I don’t think I’ll go through that.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…and then God laughed.

Remember that Eve thing?  Well…here you have it!

God’s not vindictive…I’m sure of this…however, I do think He has a sense of humor…

As they say…how else do you explain a platypus?

And some of the symptoms of menopause?

What else can bring a calm, sane woman – filled with God’s peace…

To start tearing off her sweater and ripping off her scarf – pulling her long sleeves up – everything she can respectfully do in a church basement while she eats her fish fry meal.

Yes that was me tonight.

I’ve been layering with scarves for years…

I may have to start with a tank top and layer on from there…

Do you think anyone will say anything if I strip down to a tank top (and yes, pants) in the middle of winter?

Do you think they’d dare?

Not with “THE LOOK” I’ll give them…

Breathe, Patty, Breathe…

God’s Grace, God’s Grace, I NEED God’s Grace…

And a glass of wine…and chocolate…

Have a good night ladies!

And men – remember MEN-O-PAUSE!

Patty O

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  1. Ha! I was just thinking today, ‘Lord, it is difficult enough to be faithful to you in the big and small. How can you hold me accountable when the hormone knobs you are twisting are altering how I view life at any given moment? How’s a gal to fight that?’ It’s a whole new ball game. Utterly humbling and perplexing to me.


    March 8, 2013
    • Oh Kris, I completely agree. And for someone who really tries to always have a positive outlook on life it’s incredibly hard to understand why I feel like I’ve turned into such a crab at times! We’ll make it through…therefore by the grace of God I go!


      March 9, 2013
  2. Okay, this one made me laugh until I cried, because I can SO relate!!! I’m in what my doctor refers to as pre-menopause which can last for 10 years before the real thing supposedly!!! Not fun, not fun at all but we are tough, we will get through it!


    March 13, 2013
    • We will get through it together! It’s been quite a ride! I’ve been through peri (pre-) for many years now and am certainly hoping almost at the end!!!! I’m here for you if you need a good laugh or a frustration filled talk! 😉


      March 13, 2013

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