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I Lost My Funny Bone


I thought I lost my funny bone!  Really!

And then Saturday night with the family happened…

Remember that card game  – Spicy Uno – I told you about in my last post?

And then there was the movie we put in…

And our family tradition of movie candy and popcorn on movie nights.

Yes, well…

As we were getting ready to sit down, I yelled “Don’t forget the movie candy and the popcorn – we need cop-p**n!”

Yup…you know what I said.  I don’t even need to spell it out, do I?

Sam burst out laughing – repeating what I’d said…

And then I burst out laughing…

So hard that I couldn’t breathe…

And there were tears…


That was reminder #1.

Reminder #2 (that I hadn’t lost my funny bone) happened last night…

It was a gorgeous night so I took my book and sat in our front porch to read while the sun was setting.

Have I told you how much I love Janet Evanovich books?

I’m convinced Janet and I would be great friends (if we ever met)…

She writes humor…I attempt to write humor…

She’s funny…I think I’m funny…

(Insert daughters’ eyerolls)

We must have more in common…

I just know it.


But I digress…

I was reading Plum Spooky (ok for about the 3rd time).

I was about 3/4 of the way through…

And Janet (we’re on a first name basis) introduced Elmer the Fire Farter.

Known to “accidentally” burn a hole in his pants…more like blow a hole out in his pants.

Stephanie Plum was desperate for a ride home from The Barrens and who drove up?

You guessed it…Elmer.

Guess who came to dinner at her parents house?


And what was for dinner?

Lasagna with spicy sausage.

Picture this…

Elmer reached for the cake…

And a chair went up in flames.

Diesel, Grandma Mazur, Stephanie and her Dad were in awe…

Stephanie’s Mom poured herself another drink…

Grandma commented “That was a pip of a fart.”

I burst out laughing.

All by myself.

Sitting on the porch.

By myself.

Laughing out loud.

By myself.

For a good 5 minutes as I continued to read.

I’m sure my neighbors thought I’d lost my mind.

But I was happy…

Because I knew I’d found my funny bone.

Thanks to not being able to speak correctly…old age…addled brain.

And thanks to my BFF Janet…

She’s always good for a belly laugh in every book.

The best of friends bring laughter into your life…

Me and Janet…

We’re like this…(fingers crossed)

I hope you have a GREAT day!

Patty O

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