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Boys are so different…

I smiled to myself today as I drove Gabi and my two nephews down to their Orthodontist appointments.

The boys were bantering back and forth and I looked at Gabi and said “I have four older brothers…I remember this.”

And the bantering continued…

A little while later she looked at me and said “Did your brothers do this?”

Let’s just say I chuckled.

I have three girls.

And can I say now…boys are so different!

OK, besides the obvious…

The way they interact…

Fun little digs at each other – that they enjoy!

My girls would be sniping at each other or I’d hear “Mommmm!”

Or there’d be tears…

Boys may have way more energy…

But girls have way more moods…

You say potato, I say potato.

Little boys…teenage girls…

Toss a coin.

I LOVE girls (my own, my nieces, and the babies),

But I have to admit to having a special tender spot for my nephews.

I’m happy to play trucks and cheer them on at track, basketball, swimming, baseball and whatever sports/activities they do.

But they really are different.

The way they think, the way they act, their general mannerisms.

This reminds me of a story my sister-in-law Jody once told:  She was helping a cousin’s little boy (who was 3) as he needed to go to the bathroom.

(Keep in mind that she too has three girls.)

She proceeded to start pulling the little guys pants down and he yelled “NOOOOooo!  There’s a hole in there for that!”

I couldn’t help but giggle (of course I was a young teenager)…now it still brings a smile thinking of this poor little guy teaching this mother of three girls the ways of boys!

I do remember the fun stories of my nephews – my sister’s boys…

From splashing with them in the mud puddles at Grandma’s…

To their cleaning up in the creek (after getting all muddy in the puddles while Blueberry picking)…and a pair of underwear floating away…

To one of them trying to get around Grandma…pushing on her butt and saying “Grandma – move your fat!”

God bless little children – they can get away with saying anything!

And Grandma just laughed.

Then there was the moment I went for a walk with Kristofer and he told me how he thought I was awesome.  I loved that moment and will remember it always.

Those two nephews are all grown up…one owning his own store, and the other going to medical school.


The two nephews I had with me today have another brother (who’s like a best buddy to Gabi) and a younger sister.

God bless that youngest sister – I can relate as I’m the youngest of 6 – with my sister being the oldest and then the four boys!

What a fun family Tim’s brother & sister-in-law have…

And I treasure these moments when I get to spend a little extra time with them!

Especially when I get to learn new words…

Like…Wangster – a Wanna-be Gangster…

And then there were the moments I yelled to the back of the car “What on earth are you two talking about back there?”

I swear they have their own language…

I must seem like the dotty old aunt…

Thank heavens they’re old enough to go to the bathroom on their own.


Have a good evening!

Patty O

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  1. Lorie #

    Thanks for the huge smile I now have on my face—being the mother of two boys, the only girl growing up with brothers, a male dog and finally in my life I have a girl cat and a granddaughter I must say there is a difference even with the pets….I would not trade my own boys for the world but I will admit I so miss having females in my household maybe that is why me and Miss Ella Kitty get along so well and so look forward to making memories and having special time with the granddaughter and my boys significant others! BUT I think raising the boys were much easier than raising girls with hormones 🙂


    May 8, 2013
    • Oooh – I so understand Lorie…maybe someday I’ll have a grandson…although I’d love a granddaughter equally…although I may have to settle for a granddog from Alex! 🙂 I do think Tim can relate with you…at least he has Hershey!


      May 8, 2013
  2. Sheila #

    Have to tell you my “boy” story. Laura was coaching D.I. and asked for my help, she having two girls and no brothers or nephews all girls, just did not “understand” boy. So I was in the school with her and the kids (four girls, two boys) and they had cookies, one of the boys needed to use both his hands, but the cookie was in one hand, so I told him, “don’t put the cookie in your pocket, give it to me, I will hold it” so he handed it to me. Laura meanwhile says, “He would not have put the cookie in his pocket, Boy 1 (just so I don’t embarrass Ben I will call him Boy 1) what were you going to do with your cookie?” and Boy 1 replied, “Put it in my pocket” Laura looked at me and said, “See boys, I just don’t get them!”


    May 8, 2013
    • I LOVE it Sheila! That’s too funny…shall we tag Ben? 🙂


      May 8, 2013
      • Sheila #

        You mean Boy 1? LOL I am sure he would LOVE that! Sure do miss when I could tell what a boy was thinking just by looking at him! Now, I no longer want to know what they are thinking!


        May 8, 2013
      • Hahahaha! LOVE it Sheila! You are just too funny – he is such a character!


        May 9, 2013
  3. I grew up with one sister, and I now have two young boys. God bless them, they are so wild and crazy, but we have the best times together. And they are cuddly and sweet as often as they are wrestling and rough. Love it! Great post giving us moms of boys a view from “the other side.”


    May 8, 2013
    • Thanks! And I did forget to write in the cuddly and sweet part – I appreciate the reminder! Have a blessed day and enjoy those little boys – they really do grow up too fast!


      May 9, 2013

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