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My House is a Zoooooo!!!

Between this crazy, lovable puppy who seems to think he needs to go to the front of the house to go potty (when we need to go out the back door)…and two rather emotional babies…and cross country practice started for Gabi…and Tim, of course, is back at work with the beginning of the Fall sports.

My poor dear friends came into all this craziness Monday!

Lori stopped for a quick visit and while she was here, Susan came.  Poor Lori…we were sitting here visiting, having a little lunch and all of a sudden I scream “AAAAAAHHHH SUSAN IS HERE!!!”  I was supposed to be picking Susan up sometime in the afternoon so I didn’t expect to see her and my friend Dea walking up on our deck!  Poor Lori…the look on her face was priceless!  I’m usually a pretty calm person…randomly screaming is not my M.O.  And I hadn’t told many that Susan was coming because it was an on again/off again trip so I wasn’t sure it was going to happen!  The last time I’d seen her was 3 years ago, so of course I was very excited to see her again.

Susan is from Colorado but lived here before the move.  She was also an owner of Secret Sisters. Susan is one of those creative, little (petite), artsy-fartsy, sweet (but don’t cross her), lovable dear friends that even if you don’t see each other for 3 years, you start right up where you left off.  If you hadn’t guessed I love this little lady!

That was all on Monday.

Tuesday included just one baby…some shopping and lunch out for Susan and I…two eye appts for me…a really quick dinner…and—–Susan and I scored last-minute tickets to a concert which included:  The Candles, Cory Chisel, Adriel Denae, and special guest Norah Jones!  It was FANTASTIC!

Wednesday brought a rather fast trip to Duluth (after a breakfast out with Susan and a quick trip to the Crapola bakery).  Gabi and I accomplished more in TJ Maxx than most ever could in one hour…school shopping now done! 2 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of yoga pants, 2 pair of running capris, 2 pair of shoes (and 2 flavored coffees for me) and done.  Gabi had to try on about 20 pants before settling on these.

A funny thing happened in the dressing room…Gabi had some skinny jeans to try on.  Have you seen those commercials where the lady jumps into the skinny jeans?  Yeah…that wasn’t happening.  Have I told you how big her feet are lately?  She’s now a size 9/10.  Those skinny little ankles just were NOT going over those big honkin’ feet!

A dr’s appt. for me and a stop at Target for a few last-minute school supplies and we were back home.  Home to find Miss Samantha back from camp!  Yippeeeeee!  After a month away volunteering at the Young Life Camp – Castaway, it was so good to see her again!

Today, Thursday, was finally a little less eventful (except my forgetting a pt appt…oops!). Sam and I had a nice little lunch out and then Gabi joined us for a little bumming around some of the local stores. Tonight we’re enjoying movie night after some fantastic pizza…it’s so good to have Sam back home.  And she loves little Motzy. Of course – why wouldn’t she?

I have high hopes for tomorrow…maybe we’ll get to just relax at home.  Until 4 of us friends get together tomorrow evening for dinner…commence laughter!

It’s nice to be back online.  I hope your week has been less crazy than mine!  Crazy happy, crazy blessed.

Talk more soon…

Patty O

ps…thank you Pinterest for the photo.

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  1. PHEW! What a week!!!


    August 18, 2013
    • And I didn’t even list all of it Karen! It really was a week. My head spun into the weekend!


      August 19, 2013

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