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And She Scores! (Great Shopping Deals)

In the last post, I told you about what a fun girl’s weekend I had!

This, is the rest of the story:

During our girls weekend, my friend from Utah had to work.  She works for Delta and needed to train in some people from Alaska Airlines, so I had some time to myself.

What did I do?

I shopped!

(Of course!)

First I shopped for Karen, then we went shopping together, and then I wandered into a few of my favorite stores and found some FANTASTIC deals.


TatyanaitemsHere’s the story:  I found this fun polka dot dress that retailed for $76 on sale for $36.  I put it on hold, along with a couple of vintage looking swimsuits.  When I got back to the hotel I pulled up the Tatyana website to show my friends the items, and I discovered the same dress on sale for $15.20!  I went back to the store later with my friends and they honored the website price!  SCORE!

In full disclosure, I have to point out the swimsuit I bought at Tatyana’s.  Take a look at the left side of the picture!  It’s an adorable vintage style and for once in my life, it doesn’t have a skirt, and it’s not from TJMaxx or Goodwill!  Yes, I paid full price – $70!  Yikes!  I decided it was worth it.  I absolutely LOVE it!  I tried it on for Tim and Gabi; Tim loved it and even Gabi said “MOM, that’s really cute!”

Lane Bryant…

My friend Karen found a FANTASTIC little sweater shrug for me and it’s perfect with my dress for my daughter’s wedding…and it was under $10!  (It’s on top of the polka dot dress.)


I have to admit to being a bit disappointed with my shopping experience at Marshall’s.  Usually I find a fantastic find – something unusual that I just LOVE.  Sigh.

It was still a successful visit however, as I found some great deals on some basics.  Sports bras for my youngest, under $12.99!  3 pair of underwear for me – $2.99 total for all!  An 8×12 black frame (I’d been looking for one) for $6!  A fun little something for my oldest’s wedding shower.  Add in a few treats and a present for Louis (the now 3-year-old Grandpuppy) and we called it good!

Old Navy


Old Navy had the best deals of the trip!  I found a pair of exercise Capri leggings that retail for $26 which had a misplaced sale marker on the end of the rack. I asked the sales gal which price was right and she discovered the error.  She offered to honor the sale price ($11.99) for one pair.  I argued that they didn’t have to, I used to own a store so I understand that mistakes happen, but she insisted!  SCORE!

I made my way to the pajamas and discovered a striped shorts set for $7.49!  (I went back the next day and bought the other color!)

Next was the Clearance area… a darling orange cotton tank top with a print of white birds/woods.  $7.49!  (OK, I need to sew in the sides a bit, but it’s ADORABLE!)

I did pick up four pieces of jewelry: 2 pairs of earrings and 2 rings.  Got to love buy one get one 50% off!

And the piece de’ resistance…a pair of flat gold lame sandals for $2.49!  So….I’m not usually a gold lame person, but they’re PERFECT with my dress for my daughter’s wedding!

Nu Look Consignment…

Saturday found Sam and I at my favorite consignment store in the Twin Cities:  Nu Look Consignment.  Again, if you haven’t been there…GO!  They have beautiful consigned clothes and a fabulous sale section in the basement! NuLookitems

I found two tank tops for $12 each – as you can see in the picture, one is plum and has a few ruffles around the neck.  The other is striped with some jewels, etc on the front.  Add in a cute pair of earrings on clearance for $3 and a pair of Capri leggings from Eileen Fisher for $9!

The find of the day from Nu Look was the fabulous stainless steel Lapis ring – for only $10!



That was a lot of shopping!

But what fun when you keep finding great buys!

With that, I’ll sign off.

If you haven’t checked out any of the companies that I’ve talked about, be sure to take a look!  Websites, in person, take your pick!  Just take your time and dig!

And enjoy!

Patty O




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