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Kudos to 20 Years of Teaching Math!

Have I told you how proud I am of my hubby yet?

He’d literally roll his eyes if he heard me say that.

You see, he’s really rather quiet and unassuming…and does NOT accept praise well at all! Β Which of course makes me want to give him his just rewards even more…

This man,

This sweet, gentle, quiet man…

This man that LOVES math like no one else I’ve ever seen…

Has just finished his 20th year of teaching! Read more

A Weekend of Blessings…

What a fun weekend it has been!

My oldest daughter and her boyfriend came for a visit, picking up my middle daughter along the way – so our household was once again full!

Tim taught Alex how to make Potica on Saturday…I peeked in at the process off and on, smiling at how cute these two are together – what a special moment they’ll remember for a lifetime.

Tim has been baking Potica for our Young Life Sweet Spring Auction for the past few years. He donates 10 loaves which sell for $35 each – what a wonderful talent to share! …And they go quickly – he’s known for his fantastic Potica’s. It’s his Grandma Mary’s recipe which he tweeked a little! πŸ™‚

And while they were making Potica…I took Tom (Alex’s boyfriend) shopping for a Mother’s Day present for his Mom. Of course, he helped me pick out a high school graduation present for his sister at the same time, so we covered all our bases and had a nice time together!

We had Tim’s parents and Grandma Shepel over for dinner that evening…and get this…Alex and Tom made dinner! A scrumptious breaded pork cutlet meal with an Eggplant Casserole…YUMMMMMY!

We finished off our Saturday with a round of Spicy Uno – thanks to Samantha for teaching us the rules…however, Tim and I decided we may be too old for this game!

This morning Tim made everyone French Toast and Bacon and then loaded up Tom and Alex’s truck (ok his parents truck…) with two Adirondack Chairs. Yes, those are the chairs you see the two of them sitting in (their Christmas present). Beautiful aren’t they? Tim built them! (This picture was taken at Christmas…most of our snow is gone now…Yayyyy Spring!)

And then they drove off…

Tom, Alex and Sam…

Back to work and back to school.


And it was back to just Tim, Gabi and I.


The house is quiet again.


Until next time…


But for now, I’m one happy and thankful Mom…

Patty O

And Life Moves On…

Today is a day of firsts.

Not only is it May 1st…

But it is the first day for Physical Therapy on my shoulder…(EEE-OUCH)

And it is my first day as not being an owner of Secret Sisters Boutique.

Yes, you read right.

Tim and I decided it was time to take a step back.

The primary reason is the need to give my body time to heal. With one shoulder done, another very sore, and a few other issues, it’s just time.

I will miss my little shop…but my partners, Autumn and Marcia will carry on the Secret Sisters name as they have since it’s inception.

And I would like to say how much I appreciate my dear husband and daughters for putting up with me while I was on that adventure! And of course a thank you to Autumn and Marcia for inviting me to join them 5 years ago…it was a fun ride ladies!

Now, you will find me blogging more…

Playing with the babies this summer (Sam will be watching them)…

Continuing my volunteer work with Ely’s Young Life committee…

And hopefully finding more fixes…and a lot more healing…

I’m so ready for this worn out body to be good as new!

And yes, I’ll also be praying for more patience!

Remember? And then God Laughed…

Yes, well…we’ll just keep saying it as a mantra:

Dear Lord give me patience…and if I can’t have patience, please give me Grace!

I thank God for this wonderful community of people I’ve found through blogging!

Here’s to more blogging…the funny, the serious, the inspirational, the prayerful.

You get a little bit of everything with me…

Take it or leave it – but I hope you take it!

It’ll be real, it’ll be nice, it’ll be FUN! (said by Mary Jo Shively on Designing Women) πŸ™‚

Thanks for listening…

Talk more soon.

Have a great day!

Patty O

ps…thank you Pinterest for the image.

Spring in Northern Minnesota!

Just a quick post to say LOOK AT THIS SNOW!!!Β  And we’re supposed to get another 3-6 inches today!Β  All I could do this morning is laugh!Β  It’s just so bizarre!

Take a peek at yesterday’s post with this beautiful tree…Prayers, Gabi sees Yoda, and I’m Hibernating!Β  Amazing the difference a day makes…and it’s supposed to be Spring!

We originally planned on heading out on a trip today, but between the weather and our oldest daughter being sick with the flu (we were heading down to see her)…

I think hibernation is in order for today too.

Gabi has already been outside to play – in fact if you look just to the left of my cute little Christmas tree buried under the snow – you’ll see her head sitting behind a snow bank!

Tim’s shoveled and snowblowed and looked like the abominable snowman when he came back in.

And now I think we’ll pull out a puzzle and spend some family time together.

Bring on the hot chocolate!

Patty O

April Fool’s Day – Ely, Minnesota Style!

Once again, our town’s Chamber of Commerce does it again…

Ely has become known as one of the best April Fool’s Day joke tellers in the country!

The past few years have brought some classics: Read more

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