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Lord, give me strength…

I’m having a bit of a weak moment this morning, and when I have these moments, “Lord, give me strength” is my go to prayer.

You see, the past year has brought lots of these “pause and prayer” moments.  If we include not just immediate family, but add the mother and father in-law…we’ve had a total of 6 surgeries (sinus, elbow, major vascular bypass, ankle, and 2 cataracts), an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, 2 graduations & parties (high school and college), piriformis syndrome and shoulder issues causing me to be out of work for 5 months, 2 daughters moving (one into a new apartment and one into college), the college shuffle (painting and redoing the girls bedrooms…the youngest now gets the biggest room!).  Add in a winter of PTSD therapy last year (Thank you God for that!), and it’s been quite a year.

This mornings weak moment was brought on by a daughters Dr. appt yesterday.  It seems she will need surgery again on her elbow for a pinched nerve.

The rest of the stressor?  It sounds like I also need surgery…for a “full threshold tear of the torn rotator cuff tendon complex”.  Whatever that is…I haven’t seen the MRI results yet to know what it looks like,  I see the surgeon next week.


It’s not that these surgeries will be a huge deal…it’s not like they’re open heart surgery or anything.  They are much needed fixes.  I just didn’t realize my daughter would need surgery too.

I did say at the beginning of the year that this will be the year of “Answers and Fixes”.  And so it will be.

I tried to joke with my daughter that maybe we could get frequent flyer miles for these surgeries…we will have the same surgeon after all.  Don’t we get a bonus?

I also tried to tell her that maybe we should have them on the same day and recoup together.  It was a no go.

I think she wants her Mom in better shape than her so I can take care of her.  I get that…

I used to love it when my Mom would take care of me when I was sick.  The gentle touch, the buttered toast that was somehow the best toast in the world, the snuggles.  Oh and having full control of the tv as I lay on the couch which is a real treat when you’re the youngest of 6 kids.  Have I said how wonderful she was?  I miss her.

Everyone should have their Mom when they’re sick or recovering.

So, we’ll figure it out…we’ll get hers done first…and there will be special buttered toast and her favorite movies and snuggles…even though she’s 19.

You’re never too old to need your Mom.

And there will be strength…thanks to God.

Have a blessed day…add in a prayer, a little humor, and a lot of thankfulness.  Spread some kindness and help others.  And take it one day at a time.

Your friend,

Patty O

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  1. Okay, now I miss my mom too. Yes brought a tear to the eye, but these days that seems to happen more easily then others. I think it’s the wintertime blues. I was just thinking this morning that Daylight Savings Time begins in March. March 10th be be exact, it’s getting closer everyday, and everyday is getting longer, ever so slightly but longer none the less. We’ve made it throught January, now to get through Feburary, those two months always seem the coldest (and therefore the longest) to me, so when we get through them I’m always happy – we’re half way there. Thanks for the read and the walk down memory lane with my mom. I miss her terribly and even though I smile when I think of her I still cry too, but it’s good to remember. Thanks Friend. 🙂


    February 1, 2013
    • Oh dear Karla, now I’m sharing a tear with you. Hugs. Patty


      February 1, 2013
  2. Reblogged this on A Thankfully Imperfect Woman and commented:

    Have a weekend of strength and thankfulness everyone!


    February 1, 2013
  3. Such a wonderful post! I love it!!! Moms are the best. Missing them when things get tough makes it even tougher but knowing that Mom loved me makes everything worthwhile. Take care! 😀


    February 2, 2013

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