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The Serious Side and The Fun Side of Easter…

First the serious side:

It’s Easter morning…

For me this means waking in the knowledge that the Lord rose on this day so many years ago.

A morning to give thanks to God for sharing his Son.

A day to reflect on just what that means.

How many parents have lost a child?  How many parents have worried about losing a child?

If we look at this from a parents point of view we’ve either lived through/or can’t imagine the pain.

I can’t imagine the pain.

Yet, this is what God did for us…

He gave his Son.

I thank God for not only sharing His Son with us, but for all the Blessings He’s given myself and my family.

And I thank Jesus for giving His life for ours.

And I pray that everyone share in the joy of His rising today…

This song says it best:

Happy Easter Everyone!

And for a little Easter fun:

This morning our family also continued it’s annual Easter basket hunt as soon as the crew was all awake.  That darn Easter bunny is pretty good at hiding those baskets and inevitably one person has a hard time finding it…this morning it was Sam!  “I need a hint!!!!” came the whine throughout the house (from the 19 year old)!

It brings back memories of when she was 3 or 4…

She didn’t want to sleep in her bed upstairs even though we’d tried everything.

She’d crawl into our bed, she’d sleep on the couch, but almost NEVER in her own bed.

So I (with that little bit of smart-aleck in me) told her she’d better sleep in her own bed or the Easter bunny might poop on her head (I know…I know – really bad, right! – I was desperate to get her to sleep in her bed.)

Lo and behold we found her on the couch the next morning (when we got up extra early to set out baskets).

So I proceeded to use the flour to make bunny tracks all over – including to the refrigerator where the bunny had nibbled on our carrots…and to each of the baskets where he had hidden them…and over to the couch where Sammy slept.

And yes, that’s where the little smart-aleck in me took over…some raisins next to Sam’s head and a gentle nudge to her and me saying very loudly…”Sam!  The Easter Bunny came and he pooped by your head!!!!”

She opened her eyes, sat up and said (very loudly)…”I HAAATE the Easter Bunny!!!!”

OK, so it wasn’t the sweetest thing in the world that I’ve ever done…and yes I giggled a little…but it did resolve the sleeping on the couch issue.  She’s slept in her bed ever since.

And I don’t think there was any long lasting damage…

She now LOVES the Easter Bunny (and yes, just like Santa – they have to believe or they get no baskets)…and she praises our Lord and His gifts.

(And I’m not nearly as much of a smart-aleck)…

OK…well, in an effort of full disclosure I did mail Alex and Tom’s Easter basket loaded with that wonderful plastic Easter grass so they too could find it in their new home…for months on end.


Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Patty O

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