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The Mathematician, The Woodworker, The Pope, The BOSS Fan, The Biker,

and the Dad, the Husband, and my Best Friend.

These are all terms to describe Timothy.

You’ve all read about the Math Teacher:  Kudos to 20 Years of Teaching Math

He’s also a talented woodworker…yes, at times we call him “Tim the Toolman” although he’s much less accident prone than Tim Allen.  He puts up with my brilliant hair-brained ideas…and calmly goes about building them.  I have however, put my foot down…I’ve told him he can’t have a refrigerator and bathroom in his “shop”…because with three girls I may never see him again!

Alex and Tom in the Adirondack Chairs that Tim made for them for Christmas.

Alex and Tom in the Adirondack Chairs that Tim made for them for Christmas.

And then there’s the story of Tim the Pope…have I told you how well he puts up with our crazy sense of humor?  And when Tim laughs everyone laughs – he just has one of those great contagious laughs…although I think we might have laughed a little more than he was on this day:  The Pope and I

The Bruce Springsteen fan side of Tim is not something everyone knows…

This is one of the only music groups that gets my husband “rockin”…it’s a great experience to go to a Springsteen concert with Tim.  We’ve attended the “Rock the Vote” concert – my first – and most unforgettable!  We also went to see Bruce last year – with Alex – and Bruce never disappoints!  I never thought I’d see him body surf (Bruce that is, not Tim!)!  We sure did miss Clarence, but his nephew did an awesome job!  Hmmm….Now if I could only get him backstage at a concert to meet Bruce…that would be an experience of a lifetime for him!

I laughed today as Tim told the story of being asked if he was the “biking Omerza” or the “running Omerza”.  Tim bikes every morning – rain or shine, summer or winter (he has a trainer for the bad weather days)…and his brother Tom runs everyday.  Obviously they come from more disciplined stock than me!

Tim and Gabi playing Table Tennis on Christmas Day.  (Her new present)

Tim and Gabi playing Table Tennis on Christmas Day. (Her new present)

Now Tim, the Dad…this is the role that impresses me most.  Not only did he gladly take on the “Dad” role with Alex and Sam when he and I got married just over 13 years ago, but he has also been a full participant in Gabi’s everyday activities from day one.  When the girls needed math homework help…I pointed to Tim.  Sports question?  Tim.  Singing to Gab when she was having a crabby night as a baby, tucking into bed, getting them going in the morning, laundry, and meals…he helps with it all.

Sam and Tim dancing...awwww.

Sam and Tim dancing…awwww.

Thank you Tim, for being just the father figure I wanted for my girls.  You not only are the perfect Dad for them, you also show them how a husband should treat a wife – with caring, gentleness, humor, openness, never-ending support, and unconditional love.  I can only hope and pray that someday they find someone as wonderful as you to love.

And then there’s husband and best friend.

When Tim and I were set up on a blind date, I was in no way searching for a mate.  In fact I told the gal that fact, but, that I was happy to make new friends…he proposed two and a half weeks later.  We married 3 months later.  And the rest is history.

We Just Knew...

We Just Knew…

(Photo credit:  Bull Moose Run Photography)

I’ve told Timothy that he is everything I never thought was really possible to find in a husband, but had always hoped was out there.  He truly is the man of my dreams, and I thank God for him…every day.

So, Happy Father’s Day to you my dear thoughtful, sweet friend…

It Had To Be You!

It Had To Be You!

You truly are a gift from God.

For myself, and for all three of your girls.

Patty O and Alex, Sam and Gabi

(The featured image was our Christmas photo and includes Alex’s boyfriend Tom!)

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