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Mom’s AMAZING Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Today is your lucky day!

Mark it on your calendar!

You’ll want to remember this day forever…

And remember the anniversary…

Of the day you received a coveted gift!


Do you have your pen ready?


Get to your printer…

Get your paper ready…

Make sure you have enough ink…

Because you’re going to want to hold this in your hand, not  just look at it on your screen…

Have I dragged the anticipation out long enough?…

Are the …’s and !’s driving you crazy?


Trust me, when you make these you’ll understand why this needed such an intense build-up!

Here it is:

Mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

(Insert the crowd saying: OooooOOOOOOOOooooooo!)


Yes, the beloved, much coveted, amazing cookie recipe!

The cookies that my elementary teachers loved (thanks for that A, Mr. Hautala.)

The cookies that my classmates swooned over (Beth!).  The cookies that the Ely teachers love.  The cookies that my husband doesn’t like to share, the cookies that he taste-tests and pretends to save us when he says ‘They’re no good, I’ll have to eat them all’!

But first, there are some long-standing, unwritten rules you need to follow:

  1.  You need to use the largest (the old golden color) Tupperware bowl to mix these in.
  2.  You need to remove all your rings and wash your hands really well before starting.
  3.  You HAVE TO mix in this order:  all the sugars, liquids and eggs first.  Then the flour, soda, salt.  Then add the chocolate chips.  (I measure out the flour, soda and salt before I mix the first group…you’ll understand why in #4.  Oh, and open that chocolate chip bag too.)
  4.  You mix all the above with your hands.  Do NOT use a mixer!  It just doesn’t turn out the same.  I know you’re all saying ‘eeewwwwww’…but trust me here.  This is how Mom did it and this is how it needs to be done.  (Note the reason for the pre-mixing?  Hands are gooey – grab the bowl of flour, dump in…mix.  Grab the bag of chocolate chips…add in.)
  5. Wash your hands really well when you’re done mixing!
  6. You do NOT need to grease the cookie sheets you’re baking on.
  7. Grab a glob, roll it in your hands and drop on the cookie sheet. (Yes, you’ll want clean hands before and after this part too.)  Glob = 25 to 50 cent piece in diameter…you decide.

I think that’s it for rules…now on to the goodness:

Chocolate Chip Cookies (by Patricia V. Flatley aka Mom)

2 cups Brown Sugar

2 cups White Sugar

3 cups Shortening

4 Eggs

2 large packages Chocolate Chips

4 tsp Vanilla

6 cups Flour

2 tsp Soda

2 tsp Salt

Mix as described in Rule #3.  Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

And…BONUS!  Here’s my secret:  Take them out when the tops of the cookies are just touched with brown…the centers will look wet/doughy, but they turn out FANTASTIC and CHEWY!


Now, grab a glass of milk and enjoy!

Patty O

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