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Elena and The Photo Shoot

It rained the day of the photo shoot, which brought all the festivities indoors.

The session was a favor to my friend Barb Kellogg who is building her people portfolio…she already does wonderful pet and landscape photography.

The original plan was for her to shoot our family…Sam, Gabi, Tim and me.  However, I, having once again over scheduled myself, had the babies for the day too.

Thankfully, Jen (baby Momma) decided it would be a good idea to snap a few photos of the little ones too.

The fun began shortly after Barb arrived… Read more

My Late Mother’s Day Present & Vintage Finds

Miss Gabi finished my Mother’s Day present last weekend and I am now the proud recipient of a “Gabi Original” work of art!

How cute is this?

And I LOVE that she painted the “Always in My” on there too…

A sweet little message from my not so little girl.

She’s almost done with 6th grade and just received a “Presidential Excellence Award”.

{proud sigh}

7th grader.

My baby is going to be a 7th grader!

I guess it always catches us by surprise…this kid growing up thing.

You go along in your day to day living…waking them up for school (BRUSH YOUR TEETH!), sending them to bed (DID YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH?) and everything in between…


They grow up when we aren’t looking.


Make some memories…

Cherish every moment…

Even the (BRUSH YOUR TEETH!) ones.

Now with those ultra wise words being said…

Take a look at the rest of the vignette I put her painting with:

A fun little mudroom vignette.

A fun little mudroom vignette.

I just have to take a moment to show you a few of my favorite finds:

Fantastic vintage "Fresh 7Up" crate...Love the Campbell's Soap container and yes..."If you write in the Dust, please don't date it"

Fantastic vintage “Fresh 7Up” crate…Love the Campbell’s Soap container and yes…”If you write in the Dust, please don’t date it”

And this WONDERFUL little “lunch bucket(?)”:

Check it out!  It even says "Fresh-O-Lator" on it!

Check it out! It even says “Fresh-O-Lator” on it!

I had to have it, I mean really!?!  “Fresh-O-Lator”?  Who can resist!  Surely, not me!

However, my favorite piece of this vignette will be Gabi’s present:

Always in my Heart

Always in my Heart

I hope to go and do a little “junking” tomorrow…I’ll let you know what I find!

In the meantime…

Have a great day!

Patty O

I linked up!

My Favorite Things…

Yes, I am singing Julie Andrews version…”These are a few of my favorite things…”.

I just loved that movie.

For a multitude of reasons, really.  Here’s just a few…

#1…my sister Carol brought me to see it when it was released and it was the first movie I’d ever gone to in a theater!

#2…the singing….oh the singing…to be so carefree!  Of course, I was really young and the levity of the story didn’t sink in, I was too enthralled by the singing!

#3…the scenery…mansions and mountains and cobblestone streets!

It’s all so lovely.  Julie Andrews is lovely.  They made life feel lovely.

Which brings me to a few of MY favorite things (besides the movie, that is): Read more

My daughter Sam

I’ve been struggling with how to write about one daughter and not the others.

I always tell the girls that I love them equally…but they don’t believe it.

They all claim to be my favorite.

Actually I suppose they’re right.

They’re all my favorite in different ways…

There…I have it covered.  (I can hear them now…”Mommmmm.”)

But this post is about my daughter Samantha. Read more

I have a plan…

A plan is being hatched…

It involves my mother-in-law Barbara, myself, Tim’s truck, coffee and our local landfill.

I called her this morning and told her I needed a partner-in-crime.

OK, so it’s not really for crime…however my husband might equate it to a crime for me to bring  home some of the treasures I find.

Does he complain?  Well, no.  But I get the look.

And if he’s being particularly patient, I don’t get the look, but I know it’s still underneath that kind face.

Deep down there’s an eye roll.  I just know it. Read more

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