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Cookies, Hershey’s and Crapola!

So it’s been an interesting day, to say the least.

It started at 4:30 this morning when my daughter’s alarm went off upstairs.  At about the same time I was trying to reconcile which account I’d taken $40 from…I’d picked up some items for a friend who was picking the pieces up from me today and paying me back.  But where to put it?  Ugh.

I crawled out of bed…grumbling, of course.  Made myself a cup of tea, grabbed the bag of Cranberry Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (I’d picked up at the Farmer’s Market), and sat down with a good book.  Soon I realized there just weren’t enough chocolate chips in the cookies for my taste.  A hunting I will go (or went).  One Hershey bar later…breaking it into rows…put the cookie on top…and…WALAA!  Much better.

I…ate…the…whole…damn…bag…of…six…cookies.  And…the…whole…damn…candy…bar.


I went back to bed.

At 9:00 I crawled out again and went about my day.  Finally at noon I figured I should head into work to check on things.  I crawled into my car, drove 4 blocks, and turned into the school parking lot.  What did my wandering eyes see?  A great big dumpster with STUFF in it.

Needless to say I turned my car back towards home, walked into the house and told my husband we were going dumpster diving.  Off in the truck we went.

Two oak file type thingys, lots of drawers, two chairs and a cart later…we headed for home.

I think I just about pushed my hubby too far.

I didn’t ask him to get into the dumpster.  I just asked him to back the truck up to it so I could step on the bumper and get in.  Hrmph.

Never mind that I kept handing him stuff over the edge.


He ever so silently kept filling up the truck.  And ever so silently helped me unload it into our garage.

Have I ever told you how quiet my husband is?  Yes, well…he’s a pretty darn quiet guy.  Even more quiet when he’s embarrassed by his wife…or feels she’s pushing her limits with him. 🙂

God I love my husband.

OK…now onto the Crapola…

If you haven’t heard of this FANTASTIC granola product that’s made right here in Ely, Minnesota, you are missing out!

It’s a combination of Cranberry, Apple and Granola and they jokingly decided to call it Crapola…”Even makes weird people regular”.  Cute slogan, right?  LOL

Well, they’d like to expand their business, but need a little helping hand.  If you’d like to donate $5, $10, $25, $5,000…whatever works for you, they have a Kickstarter program that expires in just THREE days!  So do it now!  They’re even offering goodies based on what level of donation you give!  Let me tell you, it’s worth it.  I love eating their regular Crapola on Greek Yogurt with some extra Craisins and some chopped Almonds thrown in!  Yum!

And Andrea, Brian and the kids are about the nicest people you’re going to meet.  The product may have started in small town Ely, but it’s now in grocery stores in Minneapolis, St. Paul and beyond.  Do me a favor…take a look…throw in a couple bucks…eat some Crapola.  You’ll feel better.  Literally.

Here’s the link:

Crapola Kickstarter: “Makes even weird people regular”

And by the way, thanks for reading about my crazy day.  You guys are great.

Patty O

Of course, after I had just about finished this, a friend came and picked up a mailbox and file box I’d advertised for free.  She brought me a box of peaches (our local Ski Team sells them as a fundraiser).  I love peaches.  I quick texted my youngest daughter who was upstairs and said “Squeeze your peaches and run down here!”  We weren’t expecting the peaches, so needless to say she came down with quite a look of confusion on her face.  I proceeded to make her one of my favorite treats from growing up…cut up peaches in milk with a little sugar sprinkled over.  Yum, yum!

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  1. Sheila #

    Oh my, what a great day!! We picked our peaches up last night, so far we have had, peaches in oatmeal, peaches and cream (twice) for dessert, and of course just peaches to eat peaches…Purchased 2 cases brought one to mom’s, think I may have to take it back! Enjoy your Crapola! And have a Crappy day!


    July 29, 2015
    • Love it Sheila! Gabi is enjoying a peach for breakfast right now!


      July 30, 2015

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