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The Deep, Dark Well and the Bright, Shining Son

Imagine you’re in the bottom of a really deep well.

Overwhelmed and haunted by memories:

A loss that cut deep in your soul.  Arguments with loved ones.  A history of past abuse.  A history of deep shame.

Memories of (insert yours here).

Imagine all of these memories…the people, the places and the events that haunt you…are all thick clouds of fog that have settled into the well around and above you.

The weight of the memories fill your dreams with nightmares that keep you from a peaceful sleep.

A word or a smell or a sound can trigger them.

Other loved ones and friends have talked to you through the darkness.

Trying to help you feel love…trying to help you feel hope…trying to help you see the sky.

They made you feel comforted…but nothing they could say or do could take the dark fog of nightmares away.

Now imagine that you wake up at the bottom of that well and realize…it’s time.

You realize that God’s word has gotten you through, and now you have the strength to swim up…

beyond the memories…

beyond the nightmares.

You swim higher and higher, pushing down the past hurts with your arms as your body rises up.

You leave all of those people and memories behind…and you start to see a dim light…you keep swimming higher.

Until all of a sudden you’re above the dark clouds and you’re crawling out of the well and into the sunshine.

You stand in the grass and lift your arms to the sky, soaking in the sun.

The Lord’s peace washes over you.

He speaks to you in the silence saying:

You are strong.

You are confident.

You are now free.

He goes on to say…God has a plan for you.

A plan to be happy…a plan to be at peace…a plan to just be.

We . Are . God’s . Creation


We Are Loved.

You know that you can now walk away from that well.

You can walk in the sunshine.

You can walk in the rain.

You can move forward in the knowledge…

That He is always with you…

And you can do anything because He has given you the power.

And you won’t let anyone take it away from you ever again.

Patty O

This post came to me as I laid down for a nap today, exhausted from a busy day before.  It wasn’t until I came to the last two lines that I realized I wanted this post to mean even more by dedicating it to my friend, Marlene.  She was a wonderful woman who passed on to Heaven – far too early for those of us who loved her here on earth.  She lived a life of love…sharing her gentle power…to inspire so many others.  Until we meet again dear friend, you are remembered and you are loved.  May this story empower others as your love and strength inspired me.


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  1. Jan #

    We’ll said Patty O … And may we all continue to feel the warmth of His sun!


    May 20, 2014
  2. Hi Patty,
    It’s been so long since we’ve communicated I just wanted to check in and see how you’re going? I hope everything is well with you and you’re just too busy and happy to post?
    Thinking of you…
    Your Aussie mate 🙂


    July 15, 2014
    • Oh Meg! I’ve missed you!

      Well, I’ve had a hard time getting back to blogging…I wound up having some crazy health problems that took me to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. I have answers now and after having to make some life changes, am doing much better.

      How are you feeling??? I’ve thought of you often.

      Thanks so much for the note!

      Patty O


      July 17, 2014
      • I’m so glad you’re ok! I know what you mean about the blogging… I’m a bit hit and miss too.
        I am feeling fantastic, thanks. All healed and back to eating naughty things again… which is great as I have a new oven 🙂 (but still no renovations..)
        I’ve stopped working altogether and am so happy right now. Fitty and the kids all well etc.
        Hope to see you posting again soon?


        July 17, 2014
      • I finally did my first post in 5 months. I need to get another done, but it seems life keeps getting in the way. I’ve just given up watching my babies (daycare kids). My husband and daughter will be going back to school soon and I won’t be able to do it on my own anymore. Such a hard and tear-filled decision. But they have a good daycare where they’ll be going, and I will be going and volunteering there a couple days a week – just for a couple hours. I LOVE that you have your new oven! But what happened to the other renovations? 🙂 It’s so nice to hear that you’re feeling better and so happy!


        August 12, 2014

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